1.“The One with Joey’s Porsche,” Season 6, Episode 5

Joey Plot: Joey falls victim to the beauty of being a fake Porsche owner, as one often does.

2.“The One Where No One’s Ready,” Season 3, Episode 2

Joey Plot: In the pettiest fight of all petty fights, Joey manages to put on all of Chandler’s clothes…sans underpants.

3.“The One Where the Stripper Cries,” Season 10, Episode 11

Joey Plot: Well, Joey gets asked to be on Pyramid…and then was probably asked to never come back on Pyramid ever again.

4.“The One with the Proposal: Part 1,” Season 6, Episode 24

Joey Plot: Sweet, sweet beautiful Joey buys a freakin’ boat…by accident.

5.Episode: “The One With Unagi,” Season 6, Episode 17

Joey Plot: Joey tries to convince everyone that Carl — a man who looks literally nothing like him — is his identical twin. Because he’s Joey, he doesn’t see the problem with his brilliant plan.

6.“The One With Monica’s Thunder,” Season 7, Episode 1

Joey Plot: Joey attempts to prove to everyone that he can pass as a 19-year-old. Spoiler: He cannot.

7.“The One Where Joey Speaks French,” Season 10, Episode 13

Joey Plot: Honestly, the episode title says more than enough.

8.“The One With Joey’s New Brain,” Season 7, Episode 15

Joey Plot: Joey’s Days of Our Lives character wakes up from a coma and — surprise! — gets a new brain. Look at how far soap opera science has taken us all.

9.“The One in Vegas: Part 1 and 2,” Season 5, Episode 23/24

Joey Plot: No, Joey didn’t get his big movie break in Vegas…but he did find his hand twin! Yay for Joey!

10.“The One Where Everybody Finds Out,” Season 5, Episode 14

Joey Plot: Joey basically plays the hilarious middleman to the Chandler and Monica v. Phoebe and Rachel battle.

11.“The One with the Ride-Along,” Season 5, Episode 20

Joey Plot: Joey, Chandler, and Ross go on a ride-along, and Joey proves where his loyalties are: his meatball sub.

12.“The One with Joey’s Fridge,” Season 6, Episode 19

Joey Plot: Joey’s fridge breaks and, like any normal person would, he attempts to get someone to pay for a new one. It does not end well for him.

13.“The One with Joey’s Interview,” Season 8, Episode 19

Joey Plot: Joey sits down for another soap opera interview, and so the episode is full of glorious, glorious Joey flashbacks.

14.“The One with Joey’s Bag,” Season 5, Episode 13

Joey Plot: Joey learns that a bag can be a guy’s best friend, too.

15.“The One with the Jam,” Season 3, Episode 3

Joey Plot: Monica starts making mass amounts of jam, and we all quickly learn of Joey’s serious obsession with the jelly.

16.“The One with Frank Jr.,” Season 3, Episode 5

Joey Plot: This episode could also just as rightly be titled “The One where Joey Builds the Entertainment Unit.”

17.“The One with the Rumor,” Season 8, Episode 9

Joey Plot: Joey attempts to eat an entire Thanksgiving turkey because, if anyone can do it, it’s a Tribbiani.



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