When animals are sold into the black market, they lose their freedom, and in many heartbreaking cases, their lives. A sanctuary in Agua Dulce, California, has teamed up with a Los Angeles-based photographer to showcase the beauty and strength of the lucky animals they’ve managed to save from this heinous cycle of captivity, and the resulting photoshoot is positively ‘wild.’

Where the Wild Things Are is a stunning collaboration between Animal Tracks and Natasha Wilson of De Anastacia Photography, and features various animals intended for sale as pets on the Californian black market, including an African serval, South American capuchin monkeys, and even an Australian kangaroo. The magnificent creatures are posed next to models wearing colour-coordinated outfits, fronting nature-inspired backdrops that remind one of the habitats from which these animals were so cruelly plucked. Despite the horrors they have experienced, in Wild Things, each animal appears dignified and completely at peace.

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Take a walk on the Wild side and see the breathtaking photos for yourself below, as well as a short backstory on each one. If you live in California and would like to help Animal Tracks rescue more animals like these, you can find more info here.

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#11 Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox

Dobie is a 1 year old Fennec Fox. He was rejected by his mother as a baby and went to a rescue in Minnesota. Animal Tracks owner Stacy, and her family flew to Minnesota where they picked him up along with Luna, a baby Kinkajou. Dobie should be living with other fennec foxes so Animal Tracks is hoping the universe will grace them with another fennec fox as a companion

#12 Alligator


Chomper the alligator is now 7 years old, and 2 1/2 feet long. He is truly a living fossil from the time of dinosaurs. He was confiscated from someone who had him living in their bathtub. When he becomes an adult, he could achieve 14 feet and weigh 800 pounds.

#13 Snake


Erminator, the snake came to Animal Tracks back in the late 1990s. He came from a couple of ladies that didn’t realize how big the snake was going to get, and has now been educating kids on how to take care of reptiles for over 15 years – an incredible ambassador for his species. Next year he will be 20 years old!

#14 Armadillo


Frank the Tank is a 4 year old ‘six banded’ armadillo previously owned in San Diego. He prefers the life of a solitary man. He loves crunchy insects and big sandy dirt piles, and his favorite pass time is excavation.

#15 Ferret


There are five ferrets at Animal Tracks; all from different walks of life. Some were owned illegally and some came to them from shelters, but all are loved and healthy at the sanctuary. They have a very social society and get along great together.

#16 Baboon


Krissy the baboon is the queen of Animal Tracks. Previously, she was part of a trio of baboons in the movie industry. Krissy’s previous owner, a very good friend of Animal Tracks, saw the other two baboons would pick on her. He felt it would be better for her to have her own place and offered Krissy to the animal sanctuary. Krissy is now constantly learning new things such as

#17 Monkeys


Squirt and Maci are the female monkeys of Animal Tracks. Squirt is a 23 year old Capuchin hybrid from the movie industry, never abused. Maci is a 5 year old and sister to Marley, the boy Capuchin. They were owned by a woman in Arizona, who moved to California and relinquished them to the sanctuary when she moved. Squirt and Maci have a mother/daughter relationship and love each other very

#18 Striped Skunk

 Striped Skunk

Little Bear is a 3 year old male striped skunk. He now resides in captivity because his mother was fed by people, became dependent on neighborhood handouts and was killed as a nuisance animal. Little Bear now educates people all over Southern California on the truth about skunks and what you should do if you see one.

#19 Monkey


Marley is a Capuchin monkey, and is one of 7 monkeys at Animal Tracks. Always the life of the party, Marley loves zippers, cameras and going through your hair. It is said that Marley lives life to the fullest and is always monkeying around. He came from Arizona where it is legal to have a monkey for a pet. When the owner moved to California, she had to give up