Christmas is just around the corner, everyone is running around, completing shopping lists, packing gifts. It’s a traditional time of joyfulness, happiness and getting gifts. some rebellious and savage trolls view it as the perfect opportunity to have a little bit of fun at their family or friends’ expense. Here are some of the funniest gifts ever received by people.

From using zip ties for packing to getting someone a Mercedes-Benz key-shape USB, these savage trolls just made the Christmas more fun.

#1 Last Year My Friend’s Mum Got His 94 Year Old Great Grandfather A Mug Saying, ‘Nobody Knows I’m Gay’. This Year She’s Taken It Up Another Notch

#2 My Bro Told My Grandma, Jokingly, He Wanted 100 Things From The Dollar Store For Christmas, Grandma Doesn’t Like Being Challenged


#3 “Shirtception” – My Favorite Christmas Gift Every Year From My Brother. Right Now We’re At Level 3


#4 In My Family Its Not About The Gift, Its How You Wrap It

#5 My Husband Always Got Colored Pencils For His Birthday And Christmas Growing Up And He Hates Them Cause He’s Colorblind. He’s Wanted An Iphone Forever So Today I Bought Him One And This Is How I Wrapped It

#6 My Sister Got Me A Mask Of My Face For Christmas


#7 Dad’s An Asshole

#8 How My Graphic Designer Sister Likes To Send My Christmas Presents

#9 100 Zip Ties And Definitely Worth It!

#10 Every Year My Friend And I Try To Find The Most Useless Gift For Each Other. Every Year I Am Not Disappointed

#11 This Little Girl Asked For Frozen Gifts This Christmas

#12 How My Mom Wrapped My Sister’s Rug For Christmas

#13 Bitcoins – Christmas Gift From My Parents

#14 My Dad, An Electrician, Asked For A New Wire Stripper For Christmas. So I Made Him This

#15 I Buried My Nieces’ Presents In The Backyard