We as humans have become dependent on luxuries such as cars, houses, and even our cellphones. But what does our love for manufactured metallic and plastic goods do to the environment? Human activity can be directly attributed to the cause of hundreds of extinctions in the last two centuries, verses the millions of years that extinctions naturally occur. As we progress through the 21st century, humans have changed the world in unprecedented ways.

16 Eyeopener Paintings about What We’ve Become As Humans Today

If you are someone who’s a slave of technology and can rant about how amazing it is to have top-game nuclear arsenal, hold on, because you’re in for a bubble buster.

To every being who shares this planet alongside me, these 16 paintings by Pawel Kuczynski will rattle your very world.

1. The Great Divide.

The rich become richer. The poor, poorer.

2.Knowledge v/s Learning

How many children, every year, are committing suicide because of grade pressures?

3. The Perfect Manipulation.

Are you seeing what they show you? Or do you see things as they are?

4. The Irresistible Bait.

We are all victims of our own doing.

5. The Loner

In a world of predators, peace is just a word.

6. Strategy.

Lives are for sale. Lives are for trade.

7.Behind The Scene.

Can you see all those who serve you without a choice? Or do you cherish ignorance?

8.Choice of Poison.

So, what’s yours?

9.The Difference.

How many bridges do we need to build to equalize this society?

10. The Golden Cage.

Are we all not trapped behind our gilded phone screens. Is social media, then, our new master?

11. Diabolical Compassion.

Can you see through the facade? Can you see who we’ve become?

12. The True Master.

No longer a contender.

13. The Passage of Time.

The clock is ticking as death arrives.

14.The Friendships.

Are we not living in constant fear? Do we know who we are behind our masks?

15. The Mirror.

Open your eyes. Speak beyond your place of privilege.

16. The Words.

16 Eyeopener Paintings about What We’ve Become As Humans Today
Shallow. Empty. Hollow Promises.



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