The world’s waiting for Angelina Jolie responds to Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s reunion at the SAG Awards. But we’ve learned the truth, exclusively. Was she bother seeing them together?

Angelina Jolie is reportedly taking the high road when it comes to those Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reunion rumours. Fans have gone into overdrive after seeing Brad and Jen reunite at the SAG Awards. Photos surfaced of Brad holding Jen’s hand backstage. And a video’s been doing the rounds of him intently watching his ex-wife. So as she accepts her female actor in a drama series award.


Jennifer said she thought Brad’s support ‘sweet’. So well, that all we need for us to champion the pair getting back together. After all, Brad is now single again after legally separating from ex Angelina in 2016. Two years after they tied the knot.

The couple, who share six kids, are still in the middle of their divorce proceedings. So with things yet to be finalised. So Angelina isn’t going to let they hype around Brad and Jen get to her.

Brad Winning speech at the SAG Awards

Brad even seem to make a slight dig at her in his winning speech at the SAG Awards. So as he was seen joking about his Tinder profile and ‘not getting on with his wife’. Sources say that Angelina isn’t looking for drama. And is instead focusing on her kids and her work. ‘The rest is just noise,’ an insider claim. Angelina Jolie responds that she doesn’t care about Jen and Brad’s reunion. Because she already knew that they were friends. And isn’t going to let it eat at her. ‘She’s moving on. She’s not going to let it sting’.

Romance famously blossom between Brad and Angelina when they were filming 2005 movie, Mr and Mrs Smith. Brad still married to Jen at the time. And Angelina has always said that things never progress between herself and Brad until he and Jen had split. His five-year marriage with Jen came to an end the same year the movie release. So he went on to date Angelina for 12 years. But while Jen married actor Justin Theroux in 2011. Jennifer and Justin split in 2017. So she and Brad have become friendlier in recent years. So with him stopping by her 50th birthday party and a Christmas bash, she hosts last year.


There’s one person who isn’t freaking out about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reunion at the 2020 SAG Awards: his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie responds. The Maleficent star, 44, saw all the hubbub about her ex-husband and his other ex-wife holding hands backstage at the awards show. But she’s letting it all roll off her back, a source close to Angelina tells. Plainly put, “Angelina doesn’t care about Jen and Brad’s reunion at the SAGs,” they said. “She already knew that they were friends and isn’t going to let it eat at her”.


Brad and Angelina famously split in September 2016. But while their divorce has not been finalizing, they consider “legally single” under California law. So, when she caught wind of the run-in, it’s not like she felt betrayed. Brad and Jennifer start hanging out again in February 2019. So when he attended her 50th birthday party. He made an appearance at her Christmas party in December 2019. So where he tries to keep a low profile. Their SAG Awards reunion the first time they had been photographed together since their divorce in 2005. The backstage photos were taken right. After they both won SAGs for their work in Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood and The Morning Show, respectively. And they both look positively ecstatic to see each other.


Photograph together

Brad and Jennifer‘s fans flip out when they saw the photos. So especially the one of Brad lightly gripping Jen’s hand as she walks away. It even appears like she has her finger curled underneath his lapel. There’s no indication that there’s anything going on between the exes romantically. But people can dream! While Angelina doesn’t care about the reunion, she’s making one thing clear. She would very much like to not include in this narrative. “This has gone on long enough,” the source says about the Angelina/Brad/Jennifer discourse. But which has gone on since the days of Mr. and Mrs Smith. “She’s moving on,” the source says. “She’s not going to let it sting”.


The same goes about Brad’s scathing acceptance speech, in which he very clearly referenced their marriage. He says, to laughs, that it was easy playing a “guy who gets high, takes his shirt off and doesn’t get along with his wife”. He starts off the speech by joking that he was going to add the “SAG Award winner” to his Tinder profile. It’s whatever to Angelina, who makes it a practice already to not read about herself online. Or watch awards show, a separate source told Fillgapnews. “She doesn’t look for drama and is focus on her kids and her work. The rest of it is just noise”.




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