• A screen protector from Olixar hints the notch on iPhone SE 2
  • Early schematics of iPhone SE 2 show that it will have 120mm of height
  • The screen protector bearing the notch design is now on pre-orders

Apple’s second-generation iPhone SE could feature an iPhone X-esque design with a notch, if a sketchy rumor is to be believed, but Face ID is unlikely.

Olixar, an iPhone case maker, has released pictures of the upcoming iPhone SE 2 based on their perception. In fact, they have already put up screen protectors for sale. They also have some schematics that they claim they got from Chinese factory sources. Olixar says that iPhone SE 2 will be similar to the iPhone X in terms of having a notch and thin bezels.


Apple, iPhone SE 2, Feature, iPhone X, Thin Bezels, esque, Notch Design, Case Maker, Olixar, Specifications, FeaturesThis doesn’t really hit home as the iPhone SE 2 as an affordable phone, but Olixar is firm in its claim. Some previous rumours had also alleged that the next-generation of the iPhone SE will have a screen cutout too (also known as screen notch). For instance, Tiger Mobiles claimed that it had seen the CAD drawings of the phone which showed a 5-inch device with a notch. However, this still doesn’t seem entirely plausible. More believable are the rumours that say that the iPhone SE 2 will just be a minor upgrade over the last model with a little spec makeover.

Olixar has additionally shared some schematics with folks at 9to5Mac that details the notch design. The wireframe schematics show that the iPhone SE 2 will be nearly 120mm long and have about 54.82mm width – with the 18.7mm wide notch on top. Notably, the notch is significantly smaller than what emerged on the iPhone X, nearly half as wide. This suggests that the iPhone SE successor may not include the TrueDepth Camera system of the iPhone X. But in that case, it is interesting to see that how Apple will enable unlock functionality.

Apple, iPhone SE 2, Feature, iPhone X, Thin Bezels, esque, Notch Design, Case Maker, Olixar, Specifications, Features

Olixar says that iPhone SE 2 will be like a smaller version of iPhone X from the front, but the aluminum edges will be reminiscent of the previous generation. According to the schematics shared by the case maker, the smartphone will be 12.1cm long and 5.5cm wide. The notch area will be 1.87cm wide. This means the phone will definitely not house the Face ID tech but then how will the device be unlocked if the home button is missing?

Olixar is still convinced that the information it received is authentic. In fact, the firm is so optimistic that it is taking orders from screen protectors made on the basis of these specs. New iPhone models expected to be announced soon, and if the iPhone SE 2 is one of them, we will find out if Olixar’s claims are true or not.

iPhone SE 2: Specifications, Features

As per the previous rumors, the iPhone SE 2 might not be bigger than the iPhone SE which only means that we will be seeing the same 4-inch IPS LCD screen on the smartphone. As Apple started removing the headphone jack starting with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the successor to the iPhone SE will also see the same move getting carried out. Touch ID and the home button will also be a part of the smartphone.

This might annoy a lot of customers and they will not be accepting Apple’s ‘courage’ logic at all, but the company is still going to bundle a ‘Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack’ adapter with the phone’s accessories. Rumors also say that the iPhone SE 2 will not get a dual-camera that nearly everyone is so used to seeing on smartphones these days but it might get wireless charging support.

Apple, iPhone SE 2, Feature, iPhone X, Thin Bezels, esque, Notch Design, Case Maker, Olixar, Specifications, Features

However, since the iPhone SE 2 is going to be a cheaper model, the wireless induction might be removed. This is certainly not a deal breaker, but some buyers will not appreciate the removal of the headphone jack by any means. The phone will also get hardware specifications belonging to the iPhone 7.

This will mean the gadget will have an A10 Fusion chipset and 2GB of RAM. This is the same configuration that is found in Apple’s 9.7-inch iPad and will be more than enough to handle day-to-day tasks and other operations. The resolution of the smartphone is also going to be lower because of the smaller screen so it might just end up giving you more battery life than the iPhone 7 ever could.


iPhone SE 2: Pricing, storage capacities

Apple, iPhone SE 2, Feature, iPhone X, Thin Bezels, esque, Notch Design, Case Maker, Olixar, Specifications, Features

The iPhone SE 2 is going to be sold in the 32 and 128GB capacities. 32GB is a decent amount of amount of storage but be warned that you will have to manage this internal memory wisely if you want to get access to the latest software updates and if you want to keep your phone with you without upgrading for at least two years.

The iPhone SE 2 might cost $399 (unofficial price of Rs. 26,766.92) for the 32GB and $449 for the 128GB capacity (unofficial price of Rs. 30,121.17).

iPhone SE 2: Availability in India

Apple has not confirmed on a release date for the iPhone SE 2 but sources are pointing towards the annual WWDC event, which is going to be held in June. This month is certainly not far away so we will see how true these rumors are.



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