Apple today shared new iPad tutorial videos on its YouTube channel, which appear to be aimed at customers who have purchased the new sixth-generation iPad with Apple Pencil support. Apple has also aggregated all of the videos on an iPad how to website.

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At first glance, they appear to be simple how-to clips to let users make the most out of their devices. Taking a closer look at them, they seem to be part of the Cupertino brand’s way to promote the sixth-generation iPad with Apple Pencil support.

Apple Pencil: Drawing On Screenshots

Currently, two videos are available for public viewing, the first covering screenshot markups using Apple Pencil. As seen in the clip below, users can grab a screenshot by simultaneously pressing the home button and sleep/wake button.

In iOS 11, tapping on the resulting image in the bottom left corner of the screen opens a markup window that can be used to draw or manipulate the screenshot. Users can share the image via share sheets, save it to Photos or delete it.

Split View: Multitasking

The next video shows users how to run multiple apps at once with Split View. With iOS 11’s multitasking features, iPad becomes more like a desktop, allowing users to have two or more app panes open at one time. Split View is made all the more useful with integrated drag-and-drop capabilities, which allow quick content sharing between apps.

Other Features

At the time of this writing, only the two videos above are shared with the public. There are a whole lot more iPad tutorials, though. One way to access the mother lode is through Apple’s official how-to page. Another way is through the company’s iPad How-Tos YouTube playlist.

That said, the other clips put the spotlight on the keyboard, the new Files app, email management, and sketching in the Notes app using the Apple Pencil, to name a few.

Other videos worth noting include the tutorials for the dock, retouching photos, and users’ hands.For starters, users can take advantage of the iPad’s dock to take productivity to the next level.

Meanwhile, the photo-editing guide focuses on how to erase unwanted objects from pictures, such as a stranger in the background.

Apple throws a spotlight on changes made to iPad’s keyboard, specifically the ability to type special characters with a simple gesture. Swiping up on letters that contain special character derivatives now presents a selection list, while numbers can be quickly accessed by swiping down on the top row of letters. Users can also manipulate cursor location by dragging two fingers across the keyboard as they would a trackpad.

Yet another video highlights the new Files app, which consolidates documents and media from a variety of cloud-based storage services like Dropbox and iCloud. The lack of a true file manager is one of the biggest complaints power users have with iOS, and Files is a step toward solving that problem.

Another clip teaches users how to manage multiple emails at once using iOS 11’s built-in pane controls. For example, a new composition can be minimized to the bottom of the screen by pulling down on that pane’s handle, allowing unobstructed access to the inbox. Composed emails can be recalled by tapping on the handle, deleted by swiping off screen or maximized with another tap.

Four more videos were also published today, as noted in a tweet from iMore’s Rene Ritchie, but remain unlisted on Apple’s YouTube page. The first is a straightforward tutorial showing off new features in Notes, including Apple Pencil support and handwriting recognition.

Last but not least, Apple is showing users how to use their hands effectively for the iPad. The clip centers on sending multiple images by tapping and holding on one and tapping on others to automatically send them in one go. It also mentions a five-finger pinch to return to the home screen.

Apple has shared several tutorial videos like this in the past, which are often tied to new releases. Tutorial videos can typically be found on the separate Apple Support YouTube channel, but these new tutorial videos are on the company’s main channel for new iPad owners.

The new sixth-generation iPad went on sale last week after its debut at Apple’s March 27 educational event. The new tablet, which is priced at $329, boasts a new A10 Fusion processor and support for the Apple Pencil.

Apple, Official, iPad, Tutorial, Videos, featuring, Apple Pencil, Split View, Keyboard Tips, more



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