April Fools’ Day occurs on the 1st of April. People worldwide celebrate this day by playing pranks and practical jokes with their friends, family, co-workers, etc. On this day, the pranksters plan to make their fellow people fool and shout Happy April Fools Day! after the successful execution of their prank. These pranks aim to keep it light and funny and make the other person play the fool.
Are you excited to try April Fools Day pranks on your co-workers? No worries . In this article, we have covered about jokes of April Fools Day, History, Pranks, and more.

April Fools’ Day History 

There are many stories that suggest why April Fools’ Day came into existence. Some historians have suggested the day first observed when France switched to the Gregorian Calendar from the Julian Calendar. The Julian Calendar didn’t reflect the correct and actual times the earth takes to complete one revolution around the sun.

Hence they shifted to Gregorian Calendar. However, according to Gregorian Calendar, the new year began on 1st January. Many countries accepted the Gregorian Calendar slowly and therefore were subjected to April Fools since they were still following the Julian Calendar. Eventually, the day got popular in Britain in the 18 th century and was also celebrated across Europe. 

 Ways to celebrate April Fools’ Day 

Below are ideas for April Fools’ Day pranks to play on your friends and family. But Don’t forget pranks should not break laws or cause any harm to anyone.

A Jump Scare

A classic April Fools’ Day prank is to jump out and give a scare to someone who least expects it. 

Creepy Crawly Prank

Creepy crawly creatures are great for scaring people. You can buy them from any toy shops. Hide them in the drawers of your kid’s room or spouse’s room. I’m sure they will scream out of fear. 

Fake Dog Poop 


If you have a dog then this is the best prank to try on your neighbors. You can buy it from Amazon or can create it yourself. All you need to do is use some products such as white glue, borax powder, and paint. Mix white glue and borax powder nicely making it thick. Next, give it the shape of dog poop and paint it with brown or yellow color. Let it dry for some time and you are ready to use. Place it in your neighbor’s car or on their doormat. 

Fake Accident

Fake Accident is another best prank you can try on your parents. Parents get a little concerned when they hear about accidents. You can come crying to your parents and tell them that you broke a bone. Make sure your acting is convincing and not funny. Once they believe, you can reveal the truth by saying it is a joke of April fools day.  

Treat Box

Not everyone likes to eat healthy. Right? Why not let’s make them eat. It is the best April Fools Day prank to try on someone who always eats unhealthy. Gift him a box with a doughnut inside. Mind you, it should only look like it. Instead, it will be filled with vegetables. You can even add sprinkles or jelly beans so that it looks more tempting.


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