While some of us find it difficult to push ourselves to the gym every morning, there are fitness buffs who hit the gym seven days a week. They train more frequently and end up being ‘over-trained’. Yes, you certainly can over train. The notion of more is always better doesn’t hold true when it comes to a workout that’s result oriented. There are people who train a single muscle for more than two hours and think that they’ll grow bigger. You wouldn’t know it but overtraining can be one of the reasons why your results have stalled. Some people even experience muscle atrophy. But how do you know that you are overtraining? Well, here are the signs.

1. You Don’t Get The Same Pump Anymore

When your muscles don’t recover properly, they are not able to pull in enough blood required to get a proper pump. If you think that you no longer get that same pump that you’d get earlier, it’s probably because you are not giving your muscles enough time to rest and recover. Try resting the muscle and you’ll realize see that you will get the same pump again.

2. Insomnia or Irregular Sleeping Patterns

When you push your body too hard, it produces more stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine. These hormones lower your sleep quality and may even lead to sleeplessness or insomnia. To prevent this, try to reduce the intensity or frequency of your workout and get proper sleep. When your body doesn’t go into deep sleep, even the production of anabolic hormones like testosterone and growth hormones declines, which leads to poor muscle growth.

3. You Feel Exhausted All The Time

A workout is supposed to make you feel better and not burn you out. If you feel tired throughout the day after you have hit the gym, it means you are pushing yourself too hard. Take a couple of days off and you will feel much better.

4. Decline in Strength

With progressive workouts, you are supposed to experience gains in your strength levels. However, if you have been experiencing a decline, you might just be overtraining. In order to have better strength levels, people train themselves way more than what their body can take. Muscles gain strength over a period of time, it’s a slow process. So, if you think that you will grow faster with longer workouts then let me tell you that you won’t. In fact, your strength will decline if you train your muscles too often or for too long.

5. Injured Really Often

An under-recovered muscle is a weak muscle. If you are experiencing injuries like muscle spasms or common muscle aches more often than not, then chances are that you are overtraining. Tendons and ligaments are subject to continuous inflammation with regular weight training. So, if you don’t give them proper rest, they are bound to aggravate and lead to injuries. Avoid training too intensely on all days of your workout so that your ligaments and tendons can also recover from the trauma. Split your workout routine into high intensity and low intensity days.