Best Female Kpop Solo Artist: The popularity of Kpop singers is growing with each passing day. These k-pop singers are charismatic and multi-talented! Known for their top-notch performances, and catchy songs, we have listed the top 10 best female kpop solo artists. Since there are several k-pop soloists, it’s difficult to list the top 10. But don’t worry we did this task for you and these artists will certainly win over your hearts.

The Top 10 Best Female Kpop Solo Artists in 2023

10. Jeong Eun Ji

Apink's actress Jeong Eun Ji captured by Getty Images

Jung Eun Ji popularly known as Eunji is the lead vocalist and member of the kpop girl group Apink. The multitalented Eunji is more than a singer. She is a South Korean singer, songwriter, actress, DJ, and voice actress. If you love K-drama, then you probably know she starred in coming of age drama Reply 1997. Jung made her acting debut with the same and since then she starred in several roles.

That Winter, The wind blows, Trot Lover, Work Later, drink Now, Untouchable, and Blind are some of her various acting roles. In 2012 Jung recorded two promotional songs All For You and Our Love Like This. The song All For You became one of the best-selling singles of the year on the Goan Singles Chart. However, she released her first solo album named Dream in 2016.


Kwon Boa is one of The Top 10 Best Female Kpop Solo Artists in 2023

Kwon Bo Ah, popularly known as BoA is the 9th best female kpop solo artist in our list. She is not only a k-pop solo artist but also a record producer and actress. BoA is active in South Korea but is also recognized in Japan. Do you know BoA is the first kpop solo artist to break out in Japan and East Asia? One of the most beautiful and influential Korean artists, she is named the “Queen of K-pop”

8. Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon is also one of The Top 10 Best Female Kpop Solo Artists in 2023

Kim Hyoyeon or DJ Hyo is a famous lead vocalist, rapper, and main dancer of the girl group Girls’ Generation. The band has some of the best-selling artists and is the most popular K-pop group in the world. However, Hyoyeon paved her musical path and is a DJ now. While people were doubtful about such a shift in her career, this female kpop solo artist doesn’t want to limit herself to one genre. Hyoyeon is preparing for her DJ debut for years! In June 2016, Hyoyeon released her first solo song “Mystery.” Since then she gave hit releases and became one of the best female kpop solo artists.

7. Hyuna

Kim Hyun Ah popularly known as Hyuna is the 8th best-selling kpop female soloist in our list. She is a singer-songwriter, rapper, and model and was seen with successful male kpop artist PSY in the song Gangnam Style. Before her debut in the song, Kim was a member of the girl groups Wonder Girls and 4Minute. However, in 2010, Kim began her career as a solo artist and as she describes “performance-oriented music.” She began her career as the best and new solo kpop artist with the song “Change” which peaked at #2 on Goan Digital Chart.

Do you know Kim Hyung Ah became the first female artist in the Korean industry to reach 100 million views on a single? Her fame in Gangnam Style earned her became one of the most famous and successful female solo artists in the kpop industry.

6. Amber Liu

Amber Liu in an interview with fans and media

Next on the list, we have Amber Liu, one of the most underrated kpop female soloists in 2023. She is a Taiwanese American singer based in South Korea. Amber began her career as a member of the South Korean girl group f(x) at the age of 17. Shortly after debuting, she released her solo EP Beautiful. Since then she released singles in Korean, English, and Mandarin and became one of the underrated kpop solo female artists. Besides Amber Liu is also one of the most loved tomboys in the k-pop industry.

5. Heize

hEIZE IS THE FIFTH AT Top 10 Best Female Kpop Solo Artists in 2023 LIST

Jang Da-hye popular by the stage name Heize is another underrated kpop female soloist on the list. She is a South Korean rapper, singer, composer, and producer currently signed under P nation. Do you know her stage name Heize is inspired by the name of American rapper Angela Haze? Yesss…!! But instead of English spelling, she decided to keep it as Heize which means hot or red in German. Shortly after her debut, she released her EP Heize. However, it was the Korean reality show Unpretty Rapstar through which she gained worldwide recognition.

4. Ailee

Ailee waving at fans and media in an Award ceremony

Amy Lee or Ailee is an American singer and songwriter based in South Korea. She made a name for herself as the best new female kpop solo artist having a large fan base. Ailee after a short time at Munzo Entertainment in New York moved to South Korea and signed with YMC Entertainment in 2010.

Her first debut was in 2012 with the single Heaven which peaked at #3 on Goan Digital Charts and earned the Best New Artists Award. She won several awards which were the most digitally successful awards. In addition, Ailee began her acting career in South Korea and was noticed in the TV show Singer and Trainee.

3. Taeyeon

Taeyeong is looking all dashing in this pinkish orrange outfit

Kim Taeyeon commonly known as Taeyeon is one of the most renowned female kpop solo artist alive today. She is a member of the popular girl group Girls’ Generation who went on to become one of the best-selling artists in South Korea. Due to the group’s popularity, Taeyeon became a star. And soon decided to pursue a career as a female kpop solo artist in 2015. She made her debut with the release of EP I followed by the single Rain. The songs peaked on South Korea’s Goan Digital Chart. Besides singing, Kim appeared on reality shows such as We Got Married, Begin Again, and hosted Queendom 2. Taeyeon also works as a DJ. Undoubtedly, she is the best solo artist in kpop female 2023

2. IU

IU IS 2ND ON The Top 10 Best Female Kpop Solo Artists in 2023

If you love Korean songs, then you probably know Lee Ji Eun. She is a popular stage name IU. Her stage name is inspired by the combination of the words “I” and “You.” She is considered one of the most popular and best-selling kpop female solo artists in the industry. Also, IU is the most influential k-pop idol alive today. Moreover, this female kpop solo artist made her debut with the EP Love and Found. Besides singing activities, she does acting and hosts radio and television shows. Dream High, Pretty Man, My Mister, etc are some of the films starring her. According to Dispatch, K-pop idols who are officially dating in 2023 are IU and Lee Jong-Suk.

1. Chungha

Chungha in an interview with SBS radion in 2022

Kim Chan Mi best known as Chungha is a South Korean pop singer, dancer, and choreographer. She is signed under MNH Entertainment and was the main dancer and sub-vocalist of the former girls’ group I.O.I. After the dissolution in 2017, Chungha debuted as a kpop female soloist with the EP Hands On Me.

Kim trained as a dancer for several years before becoming a singer. However, in an interview with Hit the Stage, she revealed that she almost had to quit dancing due to financial issues.

In 2016, she represented her talent agency on a reality girl group survival show Produce 101. There she finished four and became a member of I.O.I. As of 2023, she is one of the best k-pop female solo artists.

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