top 10 best male kpop rappers in 2023

There are several talented and best male rappers in the K-pop industry right now. K-pop rappers are only a few in each group. And they are known for their creative rhymes in between the songs to change things up. But the question remains the same: Who are the top male kpop rappers of all time? Hence we have curated the list of the top 10 best male kpop rappers in 2023. It is difficult to list them all if we forgot to mention male K-pop idol rappers, let us know in the comment section.

Who is the best male k-pop rappers?

Today k-pop rappers are truly amazing and they receive prominence for their breathtaking performances. So without further ado, let us go through the best K-pop male rappers of 2023.

The Top 10 Best Male Kpop Rapper in 2023

  1. G Dragon, T.O.P (Big Bang)
  2. Suga, Rap Monster, J Hope (BTS)
  3. Zico (Block B)
  4. Chaneyeol (EXO)
  5. JinJin (ASTRO)
  6. Joohoney (Monsta X)
  7. Bobby (iKON)
  8. Mino (Winner)
  9. Taeyong (NCT)
  10. Junhyung (BEAST) 

1. G Dragon, T.O.P (Big Bang)


G-Dragon (Kwan ji-young) is the lead and main rapper of the popular kpop boy group BIGBANG. He began his career at the age of 12 and in 2006 he debuted with BIGBANG. He is known for his unique style and is one of the richest kpop idols in 2023. Known as the King Of K Pop, G- Dragon is appreciated by fans for his best songwriting. Undoubtedly, he is of the most iconic Kpop rappers of all time. In 2010, he collaborated with another member T.O.P. and became the best hip-hop duo in the history of k-pop music.

The next BIGBANG idol who is also one of the most famous kpop male rappers of all time is T.O.P(Choi Seung-Hyun). He debuted in 2006 and is known for his low bass timbre rapping. As a solo rapper, he has given hit releases such as Turn It Up, and Doom Dada which peaked at number 2 on the Goan Digital charts. Because of their incredible talent and strong charisma, they both are one of the best male kpop idol rappers in 2023.

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2. Suga, Rap Monster, J Hope (BTS)

We discussed the best rap duo GD and TOP. Now it’s time for the best rap trio which is none other than Rap Monster, J-Hope, and Suga. This trio is the pride of BTS and is considered the best male kpop rapper of all time by fans.

Rap Monster is the main lead rapper of BTS. He is skilled, intelligent, and known for thoughtful and introspective lyrics. At the young age of nine, he began his career and obtained mind-blowing speed, clarity, and flow.

While J-Hope is also a brilliant rapper from the same popular kpop boy group. He debuted in 2013 and released one solo album. With a unique vocal-based style, J- Hope initially wanted to be a vocalist.

On the other hand, August D or Suga made his debut with BTS in 2013. His stage name was inspired by a shooting game that he played during childhood. Known for his sweet, deep, and soothing voice which contrasts with his off-stage personality. However, all three of them are the best and most famous male kpop rappers in 2023.

3. Zico (Block B)

Zico- Best Male Kpop Rappers in 2023

Zico or Woo Ji-ho is the main and best rapper of the Block B group. Known for his cute, innocent look, he debuted in 2011 and has since released two albums. His tough and edgy rap style is what gives a bad-boy feel and made them popular. Zico maintains his rhythm even while performing speed rap, he discovered this skill during his years in underground hip-hop.

As of 2023, according to Soompi, Zico’s New Boy Group will debut in the first half of this year. Zico’s agency confirmed the news saying”the exact debut date will be revealed after it’s confirmed.

4. Chanyeol (EXO)

Another talented yet innocent looking best male kpop rapper is Chanyeol. He is the main rapper of the biggest kpop group in the world EXO. The group has decades best selling kpop artists. Chanyeol debuted in 2012 and he can rap with incredible speed and released two solo albums.

He has given hit songs like Promise, Run, and Last Hunder which proves that he can not only rap but is also an excellent songwriter composer, and host. Besides, he is also an actor and has acted in movies like So I Married An Anti-fan and Secret Queen Makers. Today, he is some of the top all-rounder male kpop rappers.

5. JinJin (ASTRO)

JinJin- Best Male Kpop rapper Idol in 2023

At number 5 on our list of the top 10 best Kpop male rappers is JinJin. He is the leader and main rapper of the South Korean boy group Astro which debuted in 2016. JinJin is known for his cute looks and powerful rap skills and is a member of the duo JinJin and Rocky. Born on 15th March 1996, he attended and graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School. However, his breakthrough was when he went viral after a rap battle with Rocky. He along with his bandmate Rocky debuted with EP Restore.

6. Joohoney (Monsta X)

Jooheon (also known as Joohoney) is a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. He was born Lee Ho-Joon on October 6, 1994, in Seoul, South Korea. He is best known as a member of the popular K-pop group MONSTA X, where he serves as the lead and best male rapper and sub-vocalist.

Before debuting as a member of MONSTA X, Jooheon was a member of the South Korean hip-hop crew called Nuboyz. He also appeared as a contestant on the Korean rap competition show “Show Me the Money 4” in 2015, where he gained recognition for his impressive rapping skills.

He is also known for his distinctive rapping style, which is characterized by his sharp and powerful delivery, as well as his ability to switch between different rap styles seamlessly.

7. Bobby (iKON)

As the best male lead rapper of iKON, a Kpop group that made its debut in 2015, Bobby is renowned for his smooth, laid-back rap style and songwriting prowess. At the tender age of 18, he clinched the championship title in “Show Me the Money,” shattering the common perception of idol rappers. Bobby’s flow and versatility are second to none, and his fluency in English adds a global appeal to his rapping.

Regrettably, YG Entertainment, the agency managing iKON, failed to fully support and promote his solo career, a missed opportunity as Bobby’s talent could have propelled him to become a successful Kpop soloist. Indeed, Bobby is one of the best male kpop male rappers in 2023.

8. Mino (Winner)

Mino- Best Male Kpop Rappers in 2023

Mino or Song Min-ho is the best male rapper of the k-pop group WINNER. Before his debut, he was a part of the underground rap scene where he collaborated with other rappers-turned-idols and performed under the stage names “Mino” or “Hugeboy Mino.” Mino’s stage presence is nothing short of spectacular, exuding a strong and confident energy that captivates audiences.

This is evident in his unforgettable performance on the track “I’m Him.” Additionally, Mino collaborated with 2 PM’s Nichkhun, CNBLUE’s Yonghwa, Infinite’s L, and B1A4’s Baro at the 2014 SBS Gayo Daejeon, where he shone as a talented and relatable performer.

9. Taeyong (NCT)

Coming at number 9 on the list of top 10 best male kpop rappers we have Taeyong from NCT. He became the leader of the second sub-unit NCT 127 debuting in 2016. He later joined a project under SM Entertainment and Capitol Records and released his single Long Flight.

best male kpop rappers in 2023

Taeyong has excelled in both speed and aggressive rapping without losing energy and fire. If you have heard Taeyong sing, you must have noticed the unique way of rapping and pronouncing in Korean and English.

10. Junhyung (BEAST) 

Junhyung - Best Male Kpop Rappers in 2023

Yong Jun-hyung, also known as Junhyung, Poppin’ Dragon, and Joker, is a rapper and songwriter in the popular K-pop boy group Beast. He is a gifted and best male kpop rapper and a talented songwriter, credited with writing and composing numerous rap lyrics for B2ST’s songs.

His mastery of language and composition imbues his lyrics with a powerful message that resonates with fans. Junhyung’s raw and honest rap style has won the hearts of many fans who admire his sincerity and passion when he’s performing.

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