“Stranger Things” is one of those rare pop culture phenomena that everyone knows of. The Netflix series were greatly received both for it’s entertaining and engaging plot and a feel of nostalgia that the setting of this show takes the viewers.

Many great artists were inspired by the series and took upon themselves to express their appreciation through art. Butcher Billy is one of those artists.

Butcher Billy, whose real name is Bily Mariano Da Luz, is a Brazilian artist who takes various pieces of pop culture and mashes them all together to come up with something new. His ideas have a nostalgic feel that many people love and at the same time offer something new and unseen.

In his latest project, Butcher Billy presented 9 covers of fictional Stranger Things novels. Each book represents an episode from the second season of the series. The covers have a dark, mysterious, old vibe and the fans of the Netflix show are loving it.

Take a look at the 9 covers below and vote for the best.



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