Parents encourage their kids’ artistic efforts, but these drawings probably didn’t make it on the fridge. Bored Panda has compiled a list of revealing children’s doodles, proving they know about their folks way more than their parents would like to admit to.

From drinking too much wine to “wrestling matches” in the bedroom, let’s hope that moms and dads who inspired these funny almost-masterpieces eventually saw the humor in the situations and had some time to reflect. Scroll down to check out what insights the little rug rats shared on paper and vote for your favorite images!

My Friends Daughter Had A School Assignment To “Write One Sentence About A Family Member And Draw A Picture About It”

The Boy Was Asked To Describe His Father

My Friend’s 6 Year Old Daughter Drew This At School

Dad’s Secret Revealed

My Cousins First Drawing Of Her Mum (She’s 5)

The Reason My Son´s Teacher Asked To Talk To Me



My Mom Should Do Less

I Can Do Whatever I Want When My Dad’s Friend Comes Over

Mom’s Got The Life

To Mommy And Daddy

My Friend’s Sister Made This At School For Fathers Day

I Know You Love Money, Mom

So Glad I Checked My 2nd Grade Daughter’s Homework. Not That I Made Her Fix It Or Anything

A Letter From My Daughter

“My News”

My Friend’s Father’s Day Card

Evil Mom

My Friend Took This Photo Of A Kid’s Drawing On A Child’s Menu

Addicted To Facebook

Friend’s 5th Grade Son Made Her This Card On Mother’s Day




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