Paper, glue and lots of talent. This is the combination that the Japanese artist Manabu Kosaka uses to create his perfect replica watches. The work is meticulous and full of details.

Kosaka’s biggest achievement so far is the paper replica of the legendary Speedmaster, with a clear view of the clock’s internal mechanism.

Mr. Kosaka told Spotlight Media that he has been making these incredible Ken paper replicas for the last 15 years, but while the extensive experience definitely helps, he can still fail countless times while trying to get certain tiny details just right. What really makes him special is his will to keep trying until he succeeds.

Some of Manabu Kosaka’s most amazing creations include almost perfect replicas of iconic watches like the Casio G-Shock, the IWC Portugieser Chronograph, a Frank Muller, and of course, a Rolex. They all look simply stunning, but his most incredible achievement has to be the paper replica of the legendary Speedsmaster, complete with a clear view of the internal mechanism of the watch. How he managed to make all those tiny gears and then put them together to mimic the original is beyond my understanding.

Kosaka, who goes by @coca1127 on Twitter, has created all sorts of incredible Kent paper replicas. The watches may be the most impressive at first glance, due to their intricate details, but his other works are no less amazing. For example, he recently created a paper replica of a Louis Vuitton wallet, for which he actually carved a piece of paper to emulate the leather texture as best as possible. His portfolio also includes a Zippo lighter, a vintage camera and even a piece of sushi.

You can keep an eye on Manabu Kosaka’s incredible art by visiting his Twitter and Instagram pages. Prepare to have your mind blown!




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