The latest insta-category to give thanks for? Weird (I repeat, WEIRD) beauty trends.

2017 clearly had people feeling a certain type of way, because throughout last year, we bore witness to some seriously strange beauty experiments.

Folks put glitter on their tongues, drew their eyebrows into squiggles, and adorned their digits with zit-inspired nail art, to name a few trends.

Now, mid-way through 2018, I’m here to report that Instagram beauty is only getting weirder.

Though we’re just seven months into the year, by the looks of what beauty bloggers and nail artists have cooked up so far, the second half of 2018 is sure to be a wild one.

Fortunately for us, nothing has changed this year – the trends are just as unusual, captivating and yes, slightly frightening. So have a look and ask yourself – are you game for this glam?

1. Soap Eyebrows

The beauty buffs of the world wide web discovered an eyebrow taming secret has been hiding in our bathrooms all along… soap! Simply use a spoolie on a bar of soap to set your brows, giving them a feathery, full look.

2. Coathanger Eyebrows

Coat Hanger Brows

A post shared by SkyzEditz (@skyzeditz) on

The MUAs of the internet are the most creative people you’ll ever meet – and yes, they love a laugh. So here’s a trend you thought you’d never see… coathanger brows. After halo brows became a thing we thought we had hit peak weirdness, but boy, were we wrong!

3. Corkscrew Nails

Your evenings are about to get a whole lot more interesting because corkscrew nails is the latest nail designs trend taking over IG – so now you can open wine at any time.

First posted by nail product brand Kiara Sky, the video now has almost a hundred thousand views and will most definitely be going viral. And as weird as the results are, it is pretty mesmerizing to watch.

4. Ombre Lashes

Think lashes are only supposed to be one colour? Think again! Ombre lashes are the latest trend to hit the internet, taking coloured lashes to all new heights. We’re actually quite fond of this trend – it’s perfect for festival season. We first spotted it on @fruzans_beauty’s Instagram channel, but it’s since gained popularity elsewhere. As well as being able to achieve the look with mascara, it can also be done with eyelash extensions.

5. Halo Brows

If you thought people couldn’t get any more creative with their eyebrow trend endeavours, then you’re very, VERY, mistaken. The latest weird trend to hit the internet is what Instagram user Hannah Lyne is calling ‘halo brows’. The 16-year-old makeup artist enthusiast posted the look on her personal account and it has since gone viral!

We think this one might be a little too weird to transition from social media to real life. But the next weird trend on this list is actually really pretty…

6. Nude Eyelashes

It’s time to ditch your mascara because the latest beauty trend to sweep Instagram is nude eyelashes. A post by Finish makeup artist, Emilia Nummelin, went viral over the weekend featuring a pink-hued makeup look and intentional nude lashes (nope, that’s not just powder she forgot to wipe off). Emilia created the look with lipstick, more specifically Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid in Christmas Cookie – and we think as bizarre as it is, it’s wearable and fresh.

Would you recreate this look?

7. Fishtail Brows

Well, well, well… what do we have here. The newest trend to take over our feeds in 2018, is a very edgy one – and for once it can actually be easily achieved (not that we would go ahead and try it, but ya know, we’re here to report). Fishtail brows consist of concealing a part of your eyebrow and creating an angled ‘tail’ in a different direction, the results look like – you guessed it – a fish’s tail. TAH-DAH!

The creator of the trend was MUA Stefan from @skyzeditz, but makeup authority, Huda Kattan, tried to recreate the look. And if Huda has okayed it, you know it could become a trend – but let’s hope it doesn’t…

8. Nose Hair Extensions

Nose hair extensions? Can we just stop now? This is absolute madness and somehow it found its way onto our feeds. Why? We really don’t know but after penis eyebrows became a thing (scroll down, if you will) we stopped looking for meaning in these. The trend, which consists of adding fake eyelashes to your nostrils, started with user @gret_chen_chen is now spreading through Instagram.

9. Ponytail Eyebrows

Yes, you’ve read that right. The latest Insta trend is something of an unfortunate breeding. Mary Jane, the talented makeup artist behind the photoshopped image says the edit is ironic, and she’s just “getting tired of edited brows getting recognition”. Well doll, unfortunately now this one is also trending.

10. Christmas Tree Brows

Christmas Tree Eyebrows 🎄 Yes or No? 🤔 #christmastreeeyebrows

A post shared by Taylor R (@taytay_xx) on

For the truly festive among us who feel that a novelty Christmas jumper is just too tame, Vlogerr Taylor created this look by feathering our the hairs and adding gems. Ending the year as strange as it started…

11. McDonalds Eyebrows

Beauty lovers across the internet are showing their appreciation for the American fast food chain in a very original way. Huda Beauty’s McDonalds eyebrows have taken ‘I’m lovin’ in’ to the next level to VERY mixed reactions.

12.Teeth nails

Teeth nails- YAY OR NAY ? #nailsunnytutorial Video by @edo_movs

A post shared by Nail Sunny Loves FIFA 2018 (@nail_sunny) on

A very aggressive reminder to floss, courtesy of @nail_sunny. Please show this image to your dentist at your next check-up.

13. Garden eyebrows

Flower crowns are so 2014. In 2018, it’s all about ethereal and dainty flower crowns for your eyebrows, like these from @makeup_by_darin. It’s perfect for those who don’t suffer from seasonal allergies.

14. Brush nails

Brush nails – YAY OR NAY ? #nailsunnytutorial video by @edo_movs

A post shared by Nail Sunny Loves FIFA 2018 (@nail_sunny) on

A perfect nail for the beauty queen on the go, courtesy of @nail_sunny.

15. Insect eyes

If you’ve got time, giant dead bugs, and an affinity for things protruding from your face, this look from @butterflyjasmine49 is for you.

16. Glitter butts

Be prepared to find glitter in unexpected places for centuries after trying this trend. This particular butt was glittered by @gogetglitter.

17. Right-angle eyebrows

A great look from @vforvoid for those who aced geometry in high school.

Cheers to the creative vloggers making the world of beauty a little bit weirder. We’re anxious to see what you’ve got in store for the rest of 2018.



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