Graphic designer Pete Majarich is a huge movie buff. So much so, that he challenged himself and redesigned the posters of 365 films—one for each day in a year—and boy, he has done it!

Called “A movie poster a day”, the Sydney-based designer redesigned posters of 365 films. His concept was to make the posters easier to comprehend. As easy as it may sound, it must have been difficult to execute.

He made an attempt to make the movie posters on point so that it doesn’t lose the essence. The result is so stunning that you may as well find it better the original. Take a look:

#1 The Silence of the Lambs

#2 Batman V Superman

#3 The Jurassic Park


#5 The Ring

#6 The Fast & The Furious

#7 The Revenant

#8 Titanic



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