Have you ever used a restaurant bathroom where the stalls are made out of semi-transparent frosted glass? Perhaps you’ve bought a pool float only to discover that it bears an uncanny resemblance to a pantyliner? Or maybe you’ve bought a garden gnome salt shaker that looks suspiciously like a member of the Ku Klux Klan? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’ve clearly fallen victim to a crappy design, and as you can see from this hilarious list, there’s plenty more where they came from!

From interior designs fails and town planning disasters to public transport screw-ups and architectural mind-bogglers, the pictures below will make you bury your head in your hands as you try to figure out just what the hell some people were thinking.

#1 Made By Professionals

#2 This Clothing Display

#3 Urban Planning

#4 My Four-Legged Duck

#5 The Impossible Quiz

#6 Oh Boy, There’s Platypus Period In My Tea!

#7 So Secure

#8 Parking Fee Just Gotten Real

#9 Not For Navigational Purposes

#10 I’m Just Gonna Let The Fire Consume Me