After five years of utter dominance on YouTube, Psy’s “Gangnam Style” is no longer the most popular video in the world. That distinction now belongs to “See You Again,” Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s ode to the Fast and the Furious, but it might not for long. The list of the top 25 most-viewed YouTube videos of all time is changing constantly. As new songs like Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” top the charts, YouTube videos show no signs of slowing down—YouTube is the second-most popular website in the world behind only Facebook.

YouTube tends to be perceived as the domain of insipid vloggers, pranks gone awry, and TV clips. But the truth is, the most popular videos on the site are overwhelmingly music videos.

A look at the top 25 most-viewed YouTube videos reveals that nearly all of them are recent music videos. In fact, only two don’t fit that mold: one is a clip from a Russian children’s show and the other is an hour-long compilation of classic children’s songs. Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” (the second video to surpass 1 billion views after “Gangnam Style”) is the oldest video in the Top 25, having debuted in February 2010. Nearly half of the Top 25 videos are less than three years old. Seven videos from 2015 and nine from 2014 populate the list. Three videos from 2016 made the cut: “Work From Home” by Fifth Harmony featuring Ty Dolla Sign, “This Is What You Came For” by Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna, and “Closer” by The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey.

he five fastest videos to reach one billion views are “Hello” (87 days), “Despacito” (97 days), “Shape of You” (97 days), “Sorry” (137 days), and “Chantaje” (140 days).

The five fastest videos to reach two billion views are “Despacito” (154 days), “Sorry” (394 days), “See You Again” (515 days), “Hello” (620 days) and “Gangnam Style” (684 days).

As of August 2017, Justin Bieber is the only artist to have four videos exceeding one billion views. Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris and Katy Perry each have three videos that exceed one billion views, while Fifth Harmony, Psy, Adele, Ellie Goulding, Shakira, The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Nicky Jam and Eminem each have two. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are the only artists to have two videos exceeding two billion views.

Bieber reigns supreme with three of the Top 25 spots, trailed by Taylor Swift and Katy Perry both holding two top positions, and Ed Sheeran, whose “Shape of You” is still churning out views.

One major component in the success of these videos is Vevo, YouTube’s music video partner, a joint venture between some of the top record companies: Universal Music, Sony Music, Google, and Abu Dhabi Media. Vevo hosts and distributes music videos on its own platform and other sites, with ad revenue shared between Google and Vevo. That extra promotional push is more than most YouTube videos receive, but it’s a necessary function for recording artists to make money. Take some time to click through this list and enjoy the music (plus one Russian cartoon).

The most-viewed YouTube videos of all time

1) “See You Again” — Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

Views: 2.988 billion
Uploaded: April 2015

“See You Again” eclipsed Psy’s “Gangnam Style” in July 2017, and it was quickly noticed.

3) “Despacito” — Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

Views: 2.967 billion
Uploaded: January 2017

2) “Gangnam Style” — Psy

Views: 2.918 billion
Uploaded: July 2012

4) “Sorry” — Justin Bieber

Views: 2.692 billion
Uploaded: October 2015

5) “Uptown Funk” — Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

Views: 2.586 billion
Uploaded: November 2014

6) “Masha and the Bear” — Get Movies

Views: 2.354 billion
Uploaded: January 2012

7) “Shake It Off” — Taylor Swift

Views: 2.296 billion views
Uploaded: August 2014

8) “Bailando” — Enrique Iglesias ft. Descemar Bueno and Gente De Zona

Views: 2.278 billion
Uploaded: April 2014

9) “Sugar” — Maroon 5

Views: 2.211 billion
Uploaded: January 2015

10) “Roar” — Katy Perry

Views: 2.181 billion
Uploaded: September 2013

11) “Lean On” — Major Lazer and DJ Snake ft. MØ

Views: 2.131 billion views
Uploaded: March 2015

12) “Blank Space” — Taylor Swift

Views: 2.121 billion
Uploaded: November 2014

13) “All About That Bass” — Meghan Trainor

Views: 2.03 billion
Uploaded: June 2014

14) “Hello” — Adele

Views: 2.01 billion
Uploaded: October 2015

15) “Dark Horse” — Katy Perry ft. Juicy J

Views: 2.01 billion
Uploaded: February 2014

16) “Wheels on the Bus Plus Lots More Nursery Rhymes (54 minutes)” — Little Baby Bum

Views: 1.92 billion
Uploaded: August 2014

 17) “Counting Stars” — OneRepublic

Views: 1.87 billion
Uploaded: May 2013

18) “Shape of You”— Ed Sheeran

Views: 1.84 billion
Uploaded: June 2017

19) “What Do You Mean?” — Justin Bieber

Views: 1.73 billion
Uploaded: August 2015

20) “Thinking Out Loud” — Ed Sheeran

Views: 1.73 billion
Uploaded: October 2014

21) “Closer”— The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

Views: 1.72 billion
Uploaded: May 2017

22) “This Is What You Came For” – Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna

Views: 1.71 billion
Uploaded: June 2016

23) “Baby” — Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris

Views: 1.66 billion views
Uploaded: February 2010

24) “Work from Home” — Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla Sign

Views: 1. 63 billion
Uploaded: February 2016

25) “Chandelier” — Sia

Views: 1.55 billion
Uploaded: May 2014



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