It’s so cold out there! Most of you are probably aware by now that much of North America is tight in the grip of a bone-chilling cold snap. It’s causing all kinds of chaos, cancelling festive celebrations and making the continent the coldest place in the world right now.

With the big freeze set to last for a few days yet, we at Fillgapnews have decided to compile a list of the ‘coolest’ and most beautiful photos of the winter wonderland, so you don’t have to go out and risk the frostbite yourself. Scroll down below to check out the jaw-dropping pics in all their frigid, glacial glory. And don’t forget to vote for your faves!

#1 63 Inches Of Snow In 2 Days

#2 Bills Fans Are Hardcore

#3 Started Off The Year With A Quick Trip To St Joseph Michigan. The Arctic Weather Has The Lighthouse And Pier Frozen Solid

#4 It’s So Cold In Canada That Windows Are Cracking

#5 Icicles Form On The Tritons In The Forsyth Park Fountain

#6 Frozen Minnehaha Falls

#7 Meanwhile In Manitoba Canada

#8 People Still Jogging In Sub-Zero Temperatures

#9 Ny Covered In Snow

#10 It’s Cold Outside

#11 Freezing New York

 #12 Woman Shovelling The Steps To Her House After A Record Snowfall

#13 Man Skis On A Street ;

#14 Frozen Water Fountain In New York

#15 A Man Removes Snow From The Sidewalk In Front Of His Home After Two Days Of Record-Breaking Snowfall In Erie, Pennsylvania

#16 Boston On Ice

#17 Time To Learn How To Ice-Climb

#18 Sheathed In The Deep Freeze

#19 Pancake Ice Has Formed In A Secluded Bay Near North Avenue Beach

#20 Ice Covers A Pansy

#21 Living The Dream

#22 It Was Cold So I Gave My Dog My Jacket

#23 Making The Best Of The Cold Weather In Canada



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