There’s nothing worse than a generic bar or restaurant with no personality. If you’re paying money to go out and eat or drink somewhere, you want the place to have character – otherwise you would’ve just stayed at home! Here at Fillgap News, we believe in celebrating the establishments that go the extra mile to get a laugh or a smile out of their customers, and probably pour a damn good beer while they’re at it. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of some of the funniest, kookiest, and just brutally honest things people have encountered at their local spots. Vote for your favourites below, and let us know if you’ve ever laid your own eyes on them!
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#11 A Bar In Devon, Uk, Found An Interesting Way To Stop Their Female Bartenders From Being Sexually Harassed

#12 Most Convincing Bar Sign Ever

#13 I Saw This At Restaurant As We Were Leaving

#14 Coffee Shop Owner Austin Simms Was Fed Up With Rude Customers So He Put Up A Sign Indicating Their New Pricing Policy

#15 Passive Aggressive Note At This Diner

#16 Napkin From A Bar In Russia

#17 What The World Thinks. A Bar In New Zealand

#18 My Dad Asked The Waitress For “One Very Small Check.” I Think That She Out-Dadjoked Him In Response

#19 Sign Outside A Wine Tasting Bar In Napa

#20 Can’t Fault The Logic Of This Bar



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