• Cristiano Ronaldo received a nasty cut to his head from Deportivo’s Fabian Schar
  • The Real Madrid forward scored his second of the game with a diving header
  • He was left with a bloody face and needed treatment from Real Madrid’s physio
  • Ronaldo appeared to use the physio’s phone to check the damage to his face

Cristiano Ronaldo reinforced his claim as the vainest footballer in the world after he appeared to take a Real Madrid physio’s smartphone in order to check damage to his face.

The Portuguese, who netted a brace in Real Madrid’s 7-1 rout over Deportivo La Coruna on Sunday, received a nasty kick to the face from Fabian Schar in scoring his second.
Ronaldo checked out his bloody face on the team medic’s phone as he left the pitch

The blood appeared to have come from a gash under the star’s left eye

His brave diving header gave Real Madrid their sixth of the game, but it came with a cost. Schar’s boot left Ronaldo with blood profusely leaking from his head, covering his face and his pristine white shirt in the red stuff.

As the physio walked him off the pitch to receive treatment, Ronaldo asked for his smartphone and proceeded to check the damage to his valuable mug. His reaction said it all: Perhaps diving for that ball wasn’t worth it after all.

Ronaldo was met with a boot to the face as he dived to head in his second goal of the night

Ronaldo’s head gushed with blood after he scored a diving header

The footage has drawn widespread ridicule on social media with some describing it as ‘the most Cristiano Ronaldo moment ever’. Indeed, with a successful modelling career and a fierce user of Instagram, the 32-year-old has done little to hide what is quite clearly a self-obsessed nature.

Few can deny the five-time Ballon d’Or winner a little vanity though. He has, after all, made the very most of his prodigious talent and has every right to celebrate his incredible achievements.

The fact that he appears to be concerned with his good looks may rub some people up the wrong way, but that is simply his choice. Then again, Ronaldo really need not worry about his modelling prospects.
Ronaldo made it 6-1 to Real Madrid with a brave diving header, but was hurt in the process

Fabian Schar’s flailing leg kicked the 32-year-old in the head, leaving him with a nasty cut 

His two goals in the 7-1 victory at the Bernabeu proved he still has plenty to offer on the pitch and he will have been happy to break a drought that stretches back to December 9.

It has been a dreadful season for Real Madrid and Ronaldo by their high standards. Before Sunday afternoon, Ronaldo had just four La Liga goals to his name while Real Madrid were without a win in 2018.

A seven-goal rout was exactly what both the club and the player needed to kick-start their campaign and, once the cut has been stitched up, we are sure a slightly more rough-cut Ronaldo will agree.

Twitter users were less concerned with the stars look and more in awe of his unique reaction.




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