• The retro-styled character posters for the latest Star Wars movie came out in February along with the trailer 
  • They feature vintage pop-art style that also include shots of the different characters 
  • The movie posters look almost exactly like album covers that Hachim Bahous designed in 2015
  • He took to Facebook to voice his concern about the observation and tagged several artist who helped with the concept 
  • Not only do they feature similar fonts, but the posters also have the same color schemes and styling for the pictures 

Fans finally got their first look at the upcoming Star Wars spinoff movie with trailer debut during last month’s Super Bowl, which was followed by a wave of posters kicking off the promotion of the film.

But it looks like Disney and Lucasfilm’s posters for Solo: A Star Wars Story might be borrowing from an artist who made similar album covers for Sony Music France in 2015.

The super-swaggy character posters for Solo came out in February along with the trailer, giving the Star Wars prequel a quaint pop art vibe. They also happen to be almost identical to a series of album covers designed in 2015 by Hachim Bahous, who shared the similarities on Facebook.

Take a look below:

“I am flattered that the quality of my work is recognized, but it is still pure and simple forgery,” Bahous wrote (translated from French). “I have not been asked for my permission, I wish to be credited and paid for this work I have done for Sony!”

He went on to tag several other artists who collaborated on the project, a series of compilations released by Sony.

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This doesn’t reflect well on Disney, which could have hired anywhere from one to 1,000 artists to create posters for Solo. Coincidences happen – art experiences cycles and trends that can popularize similar aesthetics at the same time – but these pieces are way too similar for it to be random. Graphic designer Adam Levermore (quoted above) points out that it’s entirely possible Disney approached Sony for this design and that neither company notified Bahous – nor would they necessarily be required to.

With Solo still over two months away, will Disney pull the posters? Will the company formally – or privately – address Bahous, or will the Solo team hope this blows over?

Solo hits theaters May 25.

We’ve reached out to Disney, as well as to BLT Communications to learn more about how these posters were created and if there’s any agreement in place with Sony, and will update if we receive a response.



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