Pandora, isn’t your typical sort of playful pup — though she might be a little more mischievous than most. Within a few months of rescuing her as a puppy, Pandora’s owner “Lucas Alves Magalhães” (who also have taken this pictures) learned she has a penchant for digging around in their backyard, in São Paulo, Brazil. On one occasion, he’d even discovered his BBQ partially buried there, and the dog looking proud to have helped with its safekeeping.

Still, nothing could have prepared him for what resulted from Pandora’s most recent excavation.

Last week, Pandora was outside, doing her thing, when Magalhães noticed she had dug up some mysterious object, and was traipsing about with it in her mouth.

“I couldn’t see what it was, so I called her in,” Magalhães told The Dodo. “When I lifted her head, I almost died from laughing.”

As it turns out, during her digging, the dog had evidently happened upon some dentures, which she was now wearing as if they were her own teeth.

After snapping a few photos for posterity, Magalhães took the denture away from Pandora before she got too accustomed to her toothy treasure. But where did it come from in the first place?

“An elderly couple owned this house before me, and I think maybe it was theirs,” he said. “They may have changed their dentures and buried this one in the backyard. There’s no other explanation, because I know it’s not ours.”

And with that, Pandora was back to her old self again — at least until her next discovery.



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