A snake was hidden in the cabbage, which also got chopped and cooked by the mother -daughter duo. After consuming the cabbage, they spotted the pieces of the baby snake in the remaining vegetable, the doctor said. At present they are being subjected to various check-ups to ascertain if the consumption of the reptile has caused any damage to their body tissues.

Snake In Cabbage

Snake In Cabbage? Here’s what happened?

A 35-year-old woman named Afzaan along with her teenage daughter Aamna (15) in Indore are hospitalised at MY Hospital. An official said that they accidentally cooked a baby snake with vegetables last night. Though the condition of mother daughter duo is stable, they are undergoing various tests to find the traces of poison if any.

From the Medicine department Dr Dharmendra Jhanwar said that the patients were vomiting when they admitted last night. He also told that they cooked the snake along wth the cabbage in a dinner. The snake was hidden under the cabbage leaves which got chopped and cooked. Later after consuming, the patients found the pieces of the baby vegetables in the remaining vegetables.

In addition, the doctor said Afzana and Amna were eating a snakelet, but they didn’t know what kind of snake it was. Their condition is stable now, but they will be kept in hospital for a few more days. This is a very sad incident, and can happen to anyone. Always check your vegetables before you cut or cook them.

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