Do you take the subway to and from work? Well, you might want to think about walking instead once you’ve seen this bizarre bunch of people who were snapped on various tubes, subways and undergrounds around the world. From men dressed as sharks, foxes, the abominable snowman and even Napoleon Bonaparte, to women with chickens on leashes, dogs in bags, ducks on laps and kittens beneath their skirts, this collection of pictures, compiled by Fillgap News, reminds us that no matter how interesting life can be above the ground, nothing compares to what you’ll find if you’re brave enough to venture beneath the city.
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#11 A Full Bottle Of Wine Rolled Out From Under A Subway Seat And Then These 2 Strangers Popped It Open And Started Drinking It. This Is Peak NYC

#12 This Guy On The Subway Has Life Figured Out

#13 This Lady On Subway

#15 Shit Just Got Real On The Subway

#16 Subway Keeps Getting Better And Better

#17 Meanwhile In Chicago

#1 Just A Girl And Her Raven On The Subway

#18 This Guy Decided To Setup His Own Hammock On A Train

#19 There Are Two Identical-Looking People Sleeping On The Subway

#20 Meanwhile In New York



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