computer problems

Let’s be honest here. Even for the geekiest computer lovers among us, computers can sometimes turn into a nightmare. Regardless of what your personal nightmares are, we have all faced moments in which we had to restrain ourselves from throwing the darn thing out the window or hold our breath in hope that the latest random trick is fixable.

Adobe Flash Plug-in

This is one nightmare we can actually fight! Just block your browser Flash plug-in. When you want to use Flash, just enable it manually. You wouldn’t believe the difference this will make to your browsing experience.

windows updates

Windows Update is frustrating as shit at the best of times.
windows updates horror

Working on Azerty keyboard while you have Querty knowledge

Your computer won’t start up.

There are three possibilities: your computer isn’t getting any power, it can’t find the hard drive, or there’s something wrong with your system software. The latter is by far the most common, and may be the result of a virus, a program conflict, or just bad luck.

4. You can’t get on the Internet.

Sometimes it’s not your Internet connection, just one specific program. But if none of your Internet applications are working and a reboot doesn’t help, it’s time for some diagnostics.

Does this all look familiar to you. Please share us your worst computer experience by leaving a comment below.



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