A wannabe carjacker has been left battered and bruised after he tried to steal a vehicle packed full of American football players, who were driving home from practise.

Angelo Drew Martinez, 20, of Albuquerque, has been arrested on a number of charges after he allegedly pulled a gun on the unsuspecting athletes and tried to steal their car, reports KOAT.

The incident began when Martinez was spotted by the unnamed football players loitering beside their car, which was parked at the Loma Linda Community Center, where they’d just come off the field.

When they confronted the New Mexican man, he claimed he simply wanted a ride. Obliging, the trio drove him to a number of destinations, after which Martinez eventually asked them to stop outside a Girard residence where he pulled a gun.

Weapon in tow, the athletes were forced out of the car by Martinez, who attempted a getaway but failed when he lost his grip on his gun, which turned out to be fake.

The trio took their chance to wrestle the firearm from Martinez, jump back into the car and beat him to a pulp. After tying him up they also discovered Martinez was allegedly carrying a knife.

When police officers arrived at the scene to arrest the suspect, they found a note in his possession that read:

“give me the keys to your wip and a nobody get heart. I know where you live so don’t make me kill.”

The 20-year-old man has been charged with four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and attempt to commit a felony. He was released from jail on August 17. His previous criminal record includes charges of auto theft and shoplifting.



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