It’s 2017, and men are still making over $40 million more than women in Hollywood.

Forbes just announced the 2017 list of highest paid actors, which put Mark Wahlberg at the top, making $68 million due to his roles in Transformers: The Last Knight—which, by the way, was the lowest grossing film of the franchise to date—as well as the forthcoming Daddy’s Home 2.

Following closely behind Wahlberg, last year’s highest-paid actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson finished second on the list with $65 million, while Vin Diesel finished third with $54.5 million.

Adam Sandler ($50.5 million) and Jackie Chan ($49 million) rounded out the top five.

The list comes a little less than a week after Forbes announced 2017’s list of highest-paid actresses, which saw Emma Stone at the top with $26 million after her Best Actress-winning role in La La Land.

Emma Stone, Mark Wahlberg

Getty Images

Just to put that in perspective for you, not only did Stone make $44 million less than Wahlberg for his role in a sub-par film, she wouldn’t even make the cut for the top 10 list of highest-paid actors overall. Akshay Kumar holds the 10th spot on the list with $35.5 million—$9.5 million more than Stone.

And why stop there? All together, the top 10 list of highest-paid actresses brought in a combined $172.5 million over the course of the 12-month scoring period (June 1, 2016, to June 1, 2017).

The top 10 list of highest-paid actors, on the other hand, brought in a combined total of $487.5 million……..

We’ll let that soak in for a bit.



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