One of golf’s most watched alligators is back.

Back in 2016, a video of a 15-footer walking across Buffalo Creek Golf Club in Florida went viral, with the critter being nicknamed “Chubbs”:

A giant, almost Dinosaur-like alligator was out and about on a golf course like it’s no big deal… because, Florida. A video shared on Facebook by Pope Golf shows the gator casually strolling across the lush green grass. What makes the sight far more extraordinary is a flock of birds following the huge reptile as casually. Guess there was a giant predator party and golfers didn’t quite get an invitation in advance.

“Playing through on #8 today at Buffalo Creek Golf Course with a “gallery” following close behind!” says the post accompanying the video.


Buffalo Creek general manager Ryan Henderson told Bradenton Herald that a maintenance worker recorded the video of the 15-foot alligator. “It’s the same gator that’s been out here for 25 years,” he said.

According to Fox 13, the alligator was named Chubbs after a Facebook contest in 2016.

While the alligator is a regular at the golf course, this video of the giant reptile followed by the birds of prey makes this video a must watch. Take a look: