It has been noticed over the ages that men are curious about many things concerning the girls. Men love things that are mysterious, and this is the reason why they like women’s body, to be precise, the women, in general, fascinate the men completely. When you read through this particular article, you will get to know some of the feminine secrets. There is a question that goes on in the minds of the men that whether the girls fart or not. It is a natural happening, and one cannot avoid it. But due to some reasons, girls like to keep certain traits hidden from the men.

Reasons for Staying Tight-Lipped

There are indeed several reasons why girls do not find it comfortable to disclose everything about them to the men. The foremost reasons being the insecurity and awkwardness that girls don’t show their true selves to the society. Others reasons are also there, the primary reason being the patriarchal society and the societal expectation for the women to be pure and proper. It’s the time to show the world that women are no less than men and are not pristine species. Girls are also human beings and deserve an equal position in the society and must not remain confined behind the closed doors.

Girls Do Fart

The question that often comes to the mind of the men that does the girls fart. Yes, girls fart as they are also human beings and are made up of blood and flesh. Men hardly care when it comes to farting and does it whenever and wherever they feel like. But girls also fart, and they keep in mind certain things and does not do it around the men. Girls do it when they are alone and mostly at home. They also do it in public as it cannot be controlled, but take a look around before doing it.

A Brief Overview On Fart

Fart usually occurs when air gets trapped, and it can be from various sources. Mostly due to the air that humankind swallowed while drinking or chewing. Fart when escape through the rectum makes a sound. The loudness varies, and it depends on the amount of pressure behind the gas and also depends on the tightness of the sphincter muscles. Due to the immense sound that it makes while passing through the rectum, makes the girls feel shy to fart in public but the men hardly bother about their surroundings.



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