Hailey Baldwin Celebrates birthday took to Instagram on Nov. 23 to share some pics. And a video from her small birthday celebration with Justin Bieber. And it includes a lot of snacks and a gorgeous cake.

It looks like Hailey Baldwin Celebrates & enjoying a very sweet 23rd birthday! The model shares some photos and video to her Instagram page on Nov. 23. And show off the low-key celebration she’s having with husband Justin Bieber, 25. And let’s just say, there were plenty of desserts! In the pics, a box of doughnuts can be seen along with a cake that reads, “Happy Birthday Hailey” as well as a box of cupcakes. The blonde beauty also shows off a bottle of red wine and flowers.

23rd birthday


Before her latest posts, Hailey shares a bunch of birthday posts from family and friends and there were plenty. Justin also took to social media on her actual birthday, Nov. 22, to share his wife a special birthday message. “Happy birthday babes,” he captions a birthday post. “You make me want to be better every day! The way you live you life is so attractive.. ps you turn me on in every way 😍😍😍😍 next season BABIES.”


The comment definitely got fans’ attention since Justin mentioned babies. The lovebirds, who were married in Sept. 2018. So have been open about wanting a family in the future. Although they never confirm when exactly. So we think Justin’s message gives us a hint that it could be as early as next year! Either way, they have seemed to take full advantage of their newlywed bliss. So with nonstop trips together and a lot of PDA!

It’s awesome to see Hailey and Justin spending time together on yet another special occasion. They always know how to awe. And inspire fans no matter what they’re celebrating!


She treats to a special romantic lunch at Nobu, in Malibu on Friday.

And the low-key birthday celebrations continue for Hailey Bieber on Friday night thanks to her husband, Justin Bieber.

The 25-year-old pop star had a personalize meal of salmon on a bed of mash potatoes. And roast vegetables for dinner with a glass of red wine.

Hailey-Baldwin-enjoys-birthday-after-Justin Bieber teases-babies

Justin showcase the professional dinner set up while the gospel song. So It Is Well With My Soul by Audrey Assad play in the background.


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Hailey shares a photo of their marble dining room table. And set up that complete with their meals, cakes and flowers.

‘nothin I want more best birthday :),’ she caption.


Hailey appears to be eating a shrimp pasta style meal. So while Justin opts for the salmon and mash potato. And despite their combined net worth of $267 million. But the pair opted for a $25 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.

The affordable bottle was from the brand, Justin, And is a premium red wine from California. So it has a cherry, black currant flavour with oak and spice notes and is consider slightly dry.


Justin dedicates a post to his lady love on Friday with two photos from their wedding.

Happy birthday babes ! You make me want to be better every day! The way you live you life is so attractive.. ps you turn me on in every way. next season BABIES,’ he caption.

The couple initially ties the knot in a courthouse ceremony in NYC in September 2018. And they had a lavish ceremony, marrying for a second time this past September.




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