Hottest Asian Men whenever we hear this Asian heartthrob like Jungkook, Minho, or Ross Butler pops up in our minds. But do you know who are the top 10 hottest Asian Men in 2023? If not, get ready to be mesmerized by these handsome, good-looking, and best-looking Asian men. From actors to models, find out who made it to our list and why they are the hottest Asian men of the year.

The Top 10 Hottest Asian Men in 2023

  1. Ji Chang Wook
  2. Lee Min-ho
  3. Jungkook
  4. Kim Soo Hyun
  5. Cha Eun Woo
  6. Hrithik Roshan
  7. Dwayne Johnson
  8. Simu Liu
  9. Vidyut Jamwal
  10. Ross Butler
  11. Darren Barnet
  12. Imran Abbas
  13. Xiao Zhan

13.  Xiao Zhan

Xiao Zhan, the heartthrob of millions, is a shining example of the incredible handsomeness of Asian and Chinese men. With his sharp jawline, piercing eyes, and radiant smile, he exudes a magnetic charm that leaves his fans in awe.

His chiseled physique and impeccable sense of style only add to his irresistible appeal. Whether he’s on stage or on the screen, Xiao Zhan commands attention with his effortless charisma and stunning looks.

It’s no wonder he’s been dubbed the “Nation’s Husband” in China, as he has captured the hearts of fans all around the world. Xiao Zhan is a true icon of Asian beauty, and he continues to inspire and captivate with his magnetic presence.

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12. Imran Abbas

Imran Abbas, the dashing Pakistani heartthrob, is a true embodiment of Asian male beauty. With his striking features, chiseled jawline, and piercing eyes, he exudes an irresistible charm that leaves fans swooning.

Not only is he blessed with stunning looks, but he also has an undeniable talent for acting and modeling. Imran’s suave demeanor and impeccable style make him a true icon of Asian masculinity, inspiring fans around the world to embrace their own unique beauty.

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11. Darren Barnet

Darren Barnet - The Top 10 Hottest Asian Men in 2023

How can someone be cute and hot at the same time? Well, we have Darren Barnet- the hot, good-looking, and best Asian Man in 2023. You really can’t get over Paxton Hall Yoshida’s looks! He gained widespread recognition for his role in the Netflix series Never Have I Ever. His performance in the show earned him critical acclaim and a large fan following. He is confirmed to star in season 4 of the show.

Before “Never Have I Ever”, Barnet had appeared in several television shows such as “S.W.A.T.”, “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, and “Turnt”, as well as the films “American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules” and “Savage Youth”.


Aside from acting, this hot Asian man is also a writer and producer and has worked on several projects in these capacities. He is known for his charisma and charm and has been praised for his dedication to his craft.

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10. Ross Butler

Ross Butler- The Top 10 Hottest Asian Men in 2023

Not sure if you have enough reasons to watch 13 Reasons Why? But you surely have Ross Butler as one of the main reasons to watch the drama series on Netflix. Butler is an American actor of Chinese-Malaysian descent, who has been named one of the hottest Asian men in entertainment.

He first gained recognition for his role as Reggie Mantle in the TV series “Riverdale” and has appeared on the Disney series “K.C. Undercover”. In addition to his work in television, Butler has also appeared in several films such as “Shazam!” and “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You”.

This hot man in Asia is known for his chiseled features, broad shoulders, and muscular build, which have earned him a large fan following on social media.

9. Vidyut Jamwal

Vidyut Jamwal - The Top 10 Hottest Asian Men in 2023

When it comes to the hottest Asian men, Vidyut Jamwal cuts. I mean, have you seen this guy? He got muscles and can perform some impressive stunts. He’s been trained in a variety of martial arts styles, including Kalaripayattu – an ancient Indian martial art form. Besides, he’s even been dubbed the “new age action hero” in Bollywood.

But it’s not just his physical prowess that makes him a hot Asian guy. Jamwal has a certain intensity and magnetism on screen that is hard to ignore. He’s appeared in several successful Bollywood films, including the “Commando” franchise and “Junglee”. And let’s not forget that he’s also been named one of the sexiest men in Asia by Eastern Eye magazine.

handsome asian man vidyut jamwal

But what sets Jamwal apart is his dedication to his craft. he has founded his fitness program called “The Jamwal Fit Method”. So, whether you’re into action movies, martial arts, or just appreciate a good-looking guy, Vidyut Jamwal is one of the handsome Asian men out there.

8. Simu Liu

Canadian actor Simu Liu is another good-looking Asian guy we can’t stop simping on. Liu is perhaps best known for his starring role in Marvel’s “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”, where he plays the titular character. But even before his breakout role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Liu had been making a name for himself with his work in Canadian television and film.

And let’s not forget about his looks. Liu has been named one of the best-looking Asian actors by several media outlets, and it’s not hard to see why. He’s got a great smile, chiseled features, and a contagious energy that makes him stand out on screen.

7. Dwayne Johnson

the rock - The Top 10 Hottest Asian Men in 2023

We’re talking about the top 10 most handsome Asian men in 2023, and up next on the list is none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. This guy is a true triple threat – he’s an actor, businessman, and former professional wrestler.

Before he became a Hollywood A-lister, Johnson was one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. He spent eight years with the WWE, and even went by the ring name “The Rock”. Fans loved his larger-than-life personality and electrifying performances in the ring.

But Johnson didn’t stop there. He made his first film appearance in 2002 in “The Mummy Returns”, and it wasn’t long before he became a household name in Hollywood. He’s starred in some pretty big movies over the years, like “Jumanji”, “Hercules”, and “Rampage”.

But it’s not just his acting skills that make him a heartthrob – let’s be real, the guy is pretty easy on the eyes too. He’s got that chiseled jawline, those dreamy eyes, and let’s not forget about those bulging muscles. It’s no wonder he’s been named one of the hottest Asian men of 2023.

6. Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan, the Greek god of Bollywood, is without a doubt one of the hottest Asian men on the planet. With his rough features, piercing eyes, and sculpted physique, he oozes a sizzling hotness that is impossible to ignore.

From his breakout role in “Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai” to his iconic performance in “Dhoom 2”, Hrithik has consistently stunned audiences with his unmatched talent and smoking hot good looks. He has become a true icon of male beauty, inspiring millions to embrace their own unique charm and style.

Whether he’s on the red carpet or on the silver screen, Hrithik commands attention with his irresistible charisma and undeniable s*x appeal. He is a true embodiment of Asian male beauty, a shining example of the incredible hotness that can be found in all corners of the world.

In short, Hrithik Roshan is not only one of the hottest Asian men out there, but he’s also a true legend in the entertainment industry, inspiring fans around the world with his talent and good looks.

5. Cha Eun Woo

ch eun woo - The Top 10 Hottest Asian Men in 2023

Hold on to your hats, folks, because we’re about to talk about one of the hottest Asian men around – the one and only Cha Eun Woo! This talented and good-looking Asian guy is quite popular, especially among ladies. With jaw-dropping good looks, killer dance moves, and acting skills that will make your heart skip a beat.

best looking asian guy cha eun woo

As a member of the popular K-pop group Astro Cha Eun Woo has captured hearts around the globe with his magnetic stage presence and velvety smooth voice. But it’s not just his music that’s got people talking – have you seen this guy’s face? With his chiseled jawline, piercing gaze, and perfect hair, he’s the very definition of dreamy.

So if you’re looking for a handsome Asian man who’s got it all – the looks, the talent, the charisma – look no further than Cha Eun Woo. He’s the complete package, and we can’t wait to see what he’ll conquer next.

4. Kim Soo Hyun

kim so hyung - The Top 10 Hottest Asian Men in 2023

Next, we have Kim Soo Hyun, one of the hottest Asian Men and the highest-paid actor in South Korea. This good-looking Asian guy has taken the entertainment industry by storm with his stunning good looks, impressive acting, and a career that has spanned over a decade.

good looking asian guy

One of the things that set Kim Soo Hyung apart is his versatility as an actor. He has taken on a wide range of roles, from romantic leads to complex, multi-dimensional characters. His performances have earned him critical acclaim and numerous awards, including the prestigious Baeksang Arts Award for Best Actor.

But it’s not just his talent that makes him one of the most attractive Asian men. Throughout his career, Kim Soo Hyun has done challenging roles, from a high school student with supernatural powers in “Dream High” to a savvy businessman in “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.”

3. Jungkook


Did you just skip a beat as soon as you read Jungkook? Are you a BTS Army? if yes, then you surely recognize these young and good-looking Asian men of 2023. It’s no surprise that he’s been named one of the hottest Asian men in recent years, with his legions of fans constantly singing his praises and admiring his many charms.

tHE HOTTEST aSIAN mAN jungkook showing off his abs

Jungkook is known for his attractive and versatile style. He can go from cute to sexy in an instant Whether he’s rocking a playful hoodie or a tailored suit. As the lead vocalist and main dancer of BTS, he has proven time and time again that he is a force to be reckoned with. His smooth vocals and impressive dance moves have charmed audiences worldwide and earned him countless accolades and awards.

He’s known for his goofy tricks and playful character, always making time for his fans and showing gratitude for their support. All of these factors combine to make Jungkook one of the most handsome Asian guys in 2023.

2. Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho, the dashing South Korean actor, has been captivating audiences for over a decade with his stunning good looks, undeniable charm, and impressive acting skills. In 2023, he remains one of the most handsome Asian men around, with his legions of fans constantly swooning over his every move.

Part of what makes Lee Min Ho so attractive is his effortless style. Whether he’s dressed in casual streetwear or donning a sharp suit, he exudes an air of confidence and sophistication that is hard to resist. His chiseled features, piercing gaze, and warm smile only add to his appeal, making him a favorite of fans of all ages.

But it’s not just his looks that make Lee Min Ho good-looking Asian guy – it’s his impressive career accomplishments. One of his most iconic roles was as Kim Tan in the hit drama “The Heirs.”

1. Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook is the most deserving and handsome and best-looking Asian man in 2023. He is the epitome of South Korean cool – with his suave style, electrifying performances, and irresistible charm, he’s captured the hearts of fans all over the world.

One of his most memorable roles was as the charismatic Healer in the hit drama of the same name. He brought the character to life with his impeccable acting skills and undeniable screen presence, and fans couldn’t get enough of him.

But Ji Chang Wook is more than just an actor, his live performances are nothing short of epic, with fans singing along to every word and hanging on his every move.

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