Hottest Female Weather Reporters in 2023.

Are you looking for the Hottest Female Weather Reporters in 2023? Do not worry. You are on the right page.

Weather reports are essential to everyone’s life. People need to know about the weather before they go out. There are many different types of weather reports. Some are more accurate than others.

Weather reporters can have a tough job. They must be ready for any weather conditions. Some of these Weather reporters are women. These women are attractive because of their vast knowledge of meteorological science. Weather forecasting becomes boring without these beautiful and hot weather girls. Follow this list of the top 15 world’s hottest Weather girls in 2023.

List of Hottest Female Weather Reporters in 2023

15. Indra Peterson 

indra - Hottest Female Weather Reporters

Indra Valija Petersons was Born in California, U.S. in 1980. She is an American Meteorologist. Previously, she worked as a Weather Anchor for CNN’s Early Morning Show New Day. This hot weather girl worked for KABC-TV before moving to NBC News.

14. Evelyn Taft 

Meteorologist Evelyn Taft is a respected name in the weather reporting industry. Her charismatic screen presence was key in increasing the ratings for CBS/KCAL. She is a journalist who works for CBS 2/KCAL 9 News Channel. She is one of America’s most famous and hottest female weather forecast reporters. Taft is well-versed in English, Hebrew, and Russian languages, and she is also fluent in French.
Evelyn Taft - Hottest Female Weather Reporters in 2022  
She was born on 24 August 1984. She started working in journalism when she was 16 years old. Evelyn won several awards, including the Old Tom Morris Award, Golden Mike award, and the Bob Jones Award. She also holds membership in the National Weather Association Seal of Approval.

13. Lluvia Carrillo

lluvia - Hottest Female Weather Reporters

Lluvia Carrillo is an attractive young television host, weather girl, model, and Instagram star. She has brown hair and a slim body. Besides, Lluvia is also a celebrity and social media sensation. Earlier, she worked as a sports reporter. This hot weather girl became a weather forecaster at Mexico’s Televisa Monterrey. She has replaced the famous Yanet Garcia for delivering rain predictions to Mexican folks on this channel.

Lluvia Carrillo is currently working for the Televisa network in Mexico. The attractive weather girl has rose the temperature on the internet via Instagram.

12. Kait Parker


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Kait Parker is an atmospheric science expert who works for and the Weather Channel app. She reports for Good Morning America on weekends, where she fills in for meteorologist Rob Marciano on weekends. In 2016, Parker released a mini-documentary named Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee. For the same,she won The Society of Professional Journalists’ top honor for Digital Video. She also received nominations for the News and Documentary Emmy Awards for Outstanding Science and Environmental Reporting.

11. Bri Winkler 

Bri Winkler is one of the best and talented weather girls on Instagram. She is an intelligent beautiful woman who anchors for Eye witness News. She has a bachelor’s degree in marine and atmospheric sciences from the University of Miami. And she started her career as an anchor on KAMR-TV in Amarillo. Currently, Bri works for Eyewitness News. Her excellent anchoring skill keeps many glued to her program.

10. Chrissy Teigen 

Chrissy Teigen is an American model and hot-weather girl who is very popular among her fans. Although she worked for a short time as a news anchor. She is one of the hottest weather girls on Instagram. She is also a famous model and actress. In 2020, Chrissy made her professional modeling debut in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She co-hosts the musical competition series Lip Sync Battle and a mother of two children. She has more than 36 million followers on Instagram.

9. Mayte Carranco

Mayte Carranco was born in Mexico in 1974. She is a popular TV meteorologist and winner of the Miss Televisa Montera beauty contest. Being one of the hottest news anchors in the world, she began her career as a singer. Mayte has appeared on the cover of many magazines, including Men H magazine.

mayte- Hottest Female Weather Reporters

She is a certified fitness buff who posts pictures of herself in workout mode for her massive social media followers. The 45-year old Mexican beauty has shown no signs of aging. She represents and promotes supplements and nutrition products from limit-x nutrition.

8. Janice Villagran

The next hottest female weather reporter is Janice Villagran. Estrella TV’s weather anchor, Janice Villagran, is a well-known news personality. The Mexican beauty has earned a bachelor’s degree in communication science. Her voluptuous but smoking hot figure is her signature style on social media. Her hot figure attracts millions of people online.

Janice - v

She is currently working as a weather anchor. Besides, She’s a medical assistant and surgical technologist. She is also among the hottest weather anchors in America.

7. Jasmina Marazita

Jasmina Marazita is yet another hot weather reporter famous for her charming looks. The Ecuadorian anchor works for the news chain. Her interview with musician Julio Garcia fetched her much appreciation in her career.

jASMINA - Hottest Female Weather Reporters in 2022  

This female weather anchor holds a journalism degree and also has expertise in the traffic and entertainment niche. She is a very talented writer and a host for the SBS Radio show.

6. Anabel Angus 

anabel - Hottest Female Weather Reporters

The charming and passionate Bolivian television presenter was born in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Angus began her career in 2002 as an elected dancer for Unitel Television’s entertainment show. In 2011, she hosted a television program named Calle 7. Anabel Angus’s Instagram is booming day by day. She has more than 9,00,000 followers. Besides being the hottest female weather reporter, she is a glamour model and fashion designer. This beautiful weather girl is a brand ambassador for Pantene and Kotex. She is also on the list of the most popular models list.

5. Sheena Parveen 

sheena parveen - Hottest Female Weather Reporters

The gorgeous Indian-origin weather reporter graduated from Florida State University. After graduation, she started as an intern at Tallahassee News. Apart from weather news, she also  hosts her show ‘Pet Adoption’. In her career, she has worked with WCTV, Fox13, and NBC10. In 2013, she did a ground report EF5 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.


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 People praised her multiple days round the clock reporting on Hurricane Sandy at Jersey Shore. Several popular magazines named her among the hottest female weather reporters worldwide.

4. Sol Perez

Sol Perez is a gorgeous weather anchor and a trained boxer. She is also a fitness freak and a trending model from Argentina who aims for a petite look. Sol is among the world’s hottest weather girls in 2023. Because of her curve-flaunting reporting on television. This hot weather girl and her weather forecasting style are a hit among viewers. She reports for TyC Sports Network. Sol Perez has an Instagram following of 6.2 million.

3. Susane Almeida 

he 3rd hottest female weather reporters is the Mexican weather anchor Susana Almeida. She is a beauty with brains. She is also a model who appears on several magazine covers. Daily Star Magazine named her with the title of the best-looking weather girl. This hot weather girl has also appeared on the cover of M Magazine.

2.  Naile Lopez

naile- Hottest Female Weather Reporters
Naile Lopez is a seasoned model, TV host, and meteorologist based in Mexico. Her smart and articulate personality has fetched her weather anchor designation for Las Noticias Televisa Monterrey. Due to her toned and curvy figure, she endorses the swimwear brand, SoyLaMaria. She is a part of Mexico television shows such as ‘Como dice el dicho’ and ‘The Two Lives Of Estela Carrillo’

1. Yanet Garcia 

yanet - Hottest Female Weather Reporters

The first on the list of hottest female weather reporters is Yanet Garcia. She is popular among her fans for her polished weather forecasting skills, looks, and beaming smile.

At the age of 15, this pretty weather girl started her professional modeling career. Besides being a weather presenter, she is an entrepreneur, social media influencer, actor, and successful model. Currently, she has 14 million followers on Instagram. A popular  magazine labeled her as the “Woman who encourages people to watch the weather forecast.” Some of her acting work includes movies like Sharknado 5 and Bellezonismo.

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