Anything can become a trend today. Literally, anything. Forget weird fashion trends, today there are trends which leading to an increase in suicide and sexual assault cases. Here are eight WTF trends that make us wonder where this world headed:

1. Sologamy (marrying yourself)

The latest trend to resurface on the Internet is sologamy. Erika Anderson, a 37-year-old woman from New York married herself in a wedding ceremony, where she wore white and walked down the aisle alone. Sologamy or self-marriage is a movement that is gaining popularity. Companies are trying to capitalise on it by selling wedding kits, photography packages and consultation.

2. Showing your derrière in beautiful places

Apparently, showing your butt at beautiful landscapes has become a daring trend in the Internet space. Cheeky Exploits, an Instagram account has 225 posts where people are pulling their pants down and posing daringly. You never know what would become a trend!

3. When ‘half jeans’ became a trend, thanks to Coachella

So someone decides to show up in half jeans, that is, a leg covered with the denims and one leg just bare! As many thought that it might be a wardrobe malfunction, but it turned out it was intentionally done in order to do something different. And thereon, everybody started following the ‘half jeans’ trend.