Facebook is making it easier to find the right soundtrack for your original videos with “Sound Collection.”

On Friday, the social network released thousands of exclusive audio tracks and sound effects that can be used for videos uploaded to the network. They’re all free and cleared for sharing only on Facebook and Instagram (read: not YouTube).


Facebook also released new tutorials and resources for creating 360-degree videos. It now offers a camera-loaning program where creators can borrow cameras such as the GoPro Fusion and ZCam S1 from the company for specific projects. Facebook will also begin holding 360-video workshops worldwide next year.

The exclusive audio tracks launched today are actually quite diverse. Some have vocals. Others are just instrumental. Facebook said they span the genres of hip-hop, pop, jazz, and country. Facebook tapped artists like indie artist Kiri Tse, percussionist Jim Santi Owen, and film composer Lyle Workman.

Video creators can search through the collection by selecting genre, mood, and length.

These updates are part of a much larger effort to lure YouTube personalities and other young video creators to its platform. Facebook has been trying to build its own community of online video stars since it launched its “Live” streaming service in 2015. Earlier this year, Facebook launched Watch, a new hub for original video in its app.

Among the reasons to tap Facebook over YouTube revenue opportunities as well as the potential viewership of its 2 billion users. Last month, Facebook released a new app as a “one stop shop” for such creators.

For most users, browsing Facebook’s apps with sound on hasn’t been typical behavior. Media companies and individuals creators frequently made videos with text on the screen so that users can have their sound off.

But as Facebook pushes for more video, it’s been trying to make those videos more high-end like shows on Netflix and television. It’s what advertisers like to call “sight, sound, and motion” that can make the content more appealing and therefore more valuable. And that makes creators happy.




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