Curious to know which K-pop idols are dating in 2023? It is irregular for any k-pop idol to go public with their relationship. It becomes a big deal when they do. Here are the official k-pop couples who are openly dating in 2023.

IU and Lee Jong-Suk are the hottest Korean celebrity couple on the list. With both their popularity combined, they are Korea’s new “It couple.”

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 K-pop Idols who are officially dating in 2023

1. Joy(Red Velvet) and Crush

Joy and Crush - K-pop Idols Who Are Dating in 2023

It is extremely rare for any popular k-pop girl group member to go public with their relationship. As soon as Red Velvet’s member Joy and R&B singer Crush confirmed their dating rumors it took the Korean music industry by storm.

In August 2021, a well-known South Korean news outlet Sports Chosun published a report that claimed these k-pop idols were dating. Soon both Joy and Crush confirmed their relationship by writing letters to their fans and followers. Their respective labels P-Nation and SM Entertainment released a statement that read, “Crush and Joy have recently started dating from being a close sunbae and hoobae.”


The two started with a senior-junior relationship before it evolved into a romantic one. The k-pop couple collaborated on Crush’s single “Mayday” and reportedly stayed in touch and eventually started dating.

For those unaware, Joy is a member of one of the most popular K-pop girl groups Red Velvet. Besides singing, she has also starred in K-dramas like Tempted and The one and Only. While Crush is one of the leading artists in Korean R&B and hip-hop. He is a popular singer whose singles have ranked in Goan Digital Chart’s top five. Is this couple Yayy or Nahh?

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2. IU & Lee Jong-Suk

IU & Lee Jong Suk- K-pop Idols Who Are Dating in 2023

Another K-pop idols on the list who are officially dating in 2023 are IU and Lee Jong-Suk. This k-pop couple opened up about their relationship when a Korean media outlet (Dispatch) published an article. Every year on 31st December, Dispatch reveals a pair of top celebrities who are secretly dating.

However, Dispatch’s New Year’s Couple for 2023 was announced as IU and Lee Jong Suk. The news outlet published the photos of the two at the airport after their Christmas holidays in Nagoya, Japan. Soon, Lee Jong-Suk’s agency HighZium Studio released an official statement about their relationship.

 One of the biggest names in the industry is IU. She is a singer-songwriter who has won countless awards and topped domestic music charts. Besides, she is an actress and has starred in K-drama hits such as Moon Lovers, My Mister, and so on.

While Lee Jong-Suk is the most in-demand actor in the Korean industry. He is well known for playing popular dramas such as I Can Hear Your Voice, While You Were Sleeping, Pinocchio, etc. Undoubtedly, IU and Lee Jong-Suk is one of the cutest K-pop couples in 2023. Love this couple? Drop a comment below.

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3. Sooyoung (Girls’ Generation) & Jung Kyung-ho

Sooyoung (Girls' Generation) & Jung Kyung-ho- k-pop couples 2023

As one of the oldest couples in the Korean industry who are still going in 2023 is Sooyoung & Jung Kyung-ho. The k-pop couple are dating since 2012. Sooyoung is a Generation member and Jung Kyung-ho is a South Korean actor. They denied their dating rumors twice in 2013 before officially confirming it in 2014.

In a recent interview in 2022, Jung Kyung-ho revealed that they both are supportive of each other’s works. She came to cheer at the VIP Premiere of his film Men of Plastic. However, Jung also stated that they have no plans for marriage yet and will get married when the time comes.

Sooyoung joined the famous girl group Girls’ Generation and made her debut in 2007. She is an actress who has starred in K-dramas such as So I Married the Anti-fan, New Year Blues, etc. Jung Kyung-Ho is a popular and successful actor who is most famous for his roles in Prison, Hospital Playlist and Crash Course in Romance, etc. These K-pop idols are still dating in 2023.

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4. Ryeowook (Super Junior) & Ari

Ryeowook (Super Junior) & Ari- K-pop Idols Who Are Dating in 2023

When talking about popular k-pop idols who are dating in 2023, how can we miss Ryeowook and Ari? In 2020, SpoTvNews published a report stating Super Junior Ryeowook and former TAHITI member Ari were dating. Their respective labels confirmed that the pair were close seniors and juniors who eventually developed a romantic relationship.

For those unaware, Ryeowook is a member of the popular K-Pop boy group Super Junior. After his debut in 2006, he made his solo debut with the album The Little Prince in 2016. While Ari is a singer and actress who made her debut with the group TAHITI in 2012. However, the group disbanded six years later in 2018.

5. Hyeri (Girl’s Day) & Ryu Jun-yeol

Hyeri (Girl's Day) & Ryu Jun-yeol- K-pop Idols Who Are Dating in 2023

The last k-pop couples who are officially dating in 2023 are Hyeri (Girl’s Day) & Ryu Jun-yeol. This kpop couple of 2023 is a perfect example of a reel life partner to real life. Girls Day member Hyeri met actor Ryu Jun-yeol in 2016 during the filming of the K-drama Reply 1988. In the film, they both played each other’s love interest until they started dating in real life. The dispatch media outlet made speculation and soon their labels were confirmed in 2017.

k-pop couples 2023

More than 6 years and this k-pop couple are still going and dating each other in 2023. In September 2022, the director of Ryu’s drama Money Game revealed on Insta that Hyeri visited the set and sent a coffee truck for the entire cast.

Hyeri (Girl's Day) & Ryu Jun-yeol- K-pop Idols Who Are Dating in 2023

Hyeri began her career in 2010 as the youngest member of the girl group Girls’ Day. She found huge success as an actress starring in popular dramas such as Moonshine, My Roommate Is a Gumiho, etc. They are one of the cutest k-pop couples dating in 2023.

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