Killing Floor 2’s latest update is live now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC!

Killing Floor 2 update 1.16 is now available to download and brings with it tons of new in-game goodness for brutal fans to enjoy. A new mode, new map, new character, and tons of new cosmetics, achievements, and loads more are all ripe for the picking! You can also check out the latest update in the action-packed trailer above. Just one look at it will get you pumped!

The Infinite Onslaught patch adds two new maps, an endless game mode, and three new weapons it will hit PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 all at the same time. There’s also a ton of bug fixes and more.

For more about the game:”In Killing Floor 2, players descend into continental Europe where the outbreak caused by Horzine Biotech’s failed experiment has quickly spread and gained unstoppable momentum, essentially paralyzing the European Union— Just one month after the events in the original Killing Floor, the specimen clones are everywhere and civilization is in disarray; communications have failed, governments have collapsed, and military forces have been systematically eradicated. The people of Europe know survival and self-preservation too well and lucky survivors have gone into hiding.

Not all have given up hope though… A group of civilians and mercenaries have banded together to combat the outbreak and established privately funded operation bases across Europe. Upon tracking specimen clone outbreaks, players will descend into zed-laden hot zones and exterminate them.”

Check out the Killing Floor 2 update 1.16 patch notes below:


  • 2 New Maps
    • Endless Only – DieSector
    • Holdout – Power Core
  • New Endless Game Mode
    • Patriarch Trader voice for Endless Mode
    • Chance for mutated waves (Single Zed, Weekly, and Stand Your Ground waves)
  • 3 New Weapons
    • Mac 10 SMG for Firebug and SWAT
    • Husk Cannon for Firebug and Demolitionist
    • AF 2011-A1 for Gunslinger
  • New Playable Character
    • D.A.R.
  • Reworked Zed
    • Elite Alpha Clot is now the Rioter
  • Time Limited Spring Objectives, Tickets and Items (event tickets and drops will not be part of the beta)
    • Endless Spring Objectives to earn D.A.R. armor and variations
    • Cyberpunk Event Tickets
    • Cyberpunk Cosmetics
  • Zedconomy
    • Assault D.A.R. Bundle
    • D.A.R. Cosmetic Crate
    • Weapon Collector Crate
  • New Steam Achievements for DieSector, Power Core, and their Collectibles


    • Added Daily Objectives for D.A.R., Mac 10, Husk Cannon, and AF 2011-A1.
    • Removed all of the Survival Versus mode Daily Objectives until we have a chance to revisit the mode
    • Added two new boss music tracks
      • Abomination – “Hack Attack” by Rocky Gray
      • King Fleshpound – “Spike Grinder” by Rocky Gray
    • Memory improvements on all platforms
      • Reduced load times across a variety of hardware on PC
      • This should fix several potential lock ups on PlayStation 4 and XboxOne
    • Added the ability for players to vote to skip trader time in the trader menu
    • Added a confirmation notification message whenever a player selects Basic Training on the Home menu
    • Added Stand Your Ground objectives to all non-Holdout maps
      • There is a 35% chance of a wave having a Stand Your Ground objective
      • The 1st and Boss wave will not have a Stand Your Ground objective
      • Server admins can turn these off
    • Dosh Vault rewards are now granted for
      • Zed and Boss kills
      • Stand Your Ground objectives
    • XP rewards are now granted for Stand Your Ground objectives
    • Improved explosive projectile trajectory for certain weapons so that firing straight up will result in the explosive round eventually falling back down
    • Added HUD UI for the Command Wheel so that players can see the requests and statements made by other players around the map
    • Added iconography and color to text in the Trader Pod menu to help players know if their weapons are low on ammo or completely out.


  • Elite Alpha Clot is now the Rioter
    • Now armored up in the front on his torso and head, aim for his legs or his back to bring him down!
    • Rally ability SFX have been changed to fit more aesthetically

Survival Versus

  • Lowered the EMP incapacitation resistance of the playable Alpha Clot, Slasher, Stalker, Crawler, Gorefast, Bloat, and Fleshpound to make it easier to induce the EMP effect on them

Perks and Weapons

  • .500 Magnum Revolvers
    • Damage increased 6.6%
  • 1858 Revolvers
    • Damage increased 100%
    • Reduced total ammo capacity 22%
    • Ammo cost per mag increased 66%
  • Hemogoblin
    • Damage is increased by 50%
  • Zweihander
    • Melee range is increased by 20%
  • Seeker Six
    • Dud round damage is increased by 20%
      • Dud knockdown chance is increased by 25%
      • Dud stumble chance is increased by 42%

Bug Fixes

Perks and Weapons

  • Fixed a gameplay bug with the Medic perk skill, Acidic Rounds, where it did not deal the correct amount of damage
  • Fixed a gameplay bug with the Hemogoblin where the Medic perk skill, Acidic Rounds, reduced the damage of the bleed damage over time
  • Fixed a gameplay bug with the Gunslinger perk skills, Rack `em Up and Bone Breaker, where the damage bonus was not applying in online game sessions
  • Fixed a gameplay bug with the Medical Syringe where players could use the syringe to heal other players from any distance
  • Fixed a gameplay bug with the Demolitionist and Support perks where players could swap back and forth between the two perks and grant other players ammo and grenades repeatedly during Trader Time
  • Fixed a sound bug with the Alpha Clot and Rioter where they would continue making jingle sounds while walking after the Christmas event was over
  • Fixed a sound bug with the .500 Magnum Revolver where it was missing its hammer sound effect on full reloads
  • Fixed a sound bug with the Stoner 63A LMG where its melee bash was missing melee sound effects
  • Fixed an animation bug with the Dual .500 Magnum Revolvers where the hammers did not reset back into their proper positions after an empty reload
  • Fixed a SFX bug with the Crovel and Pulverizer where they did not leave blood splatters on the ground after using the inspect animation


  • Fixed a gameplay bug with the Abomination where players can become stuck in the grab animation while it performs its gorge attack during Zedtime
  • Fixed a gameplay bug with Abomination where he would sometimes become stuck on his own minions and die immediately from being unable to path successfully to the players
  • Fixed a model bug with the Abomination where the model was not enlarging upon dealing damage to players on the Beefcake weekly
  • Fixed a sound bug with the King Fleshpound where its footsteps and noises were displaced after firing its laser


  • Fixed a gameplay bug with Zed Weeklies, Bobble Zed and Up,Up, and Decay, where some of the zeds had more body and head health than intended
  • Fixed a gameplay bug with dosh where players spawning into the beginning of the 3rd wave trader time will have 0 starting dosh
  • Fixed a daily objective bug with the Spitfire pistols where the damage daily objective did not account for the fire damage over time
  • Fixed a daily objective bug with the M16 M203 where the damage daily objective did not account for the M203 explosive and impact damage from the HE round
  • Fixed a SFX bug with the playable Survival Versus Scrake Christmas variant where the glow overlay was missing from its model
  • Fixed a daily objective bug with the Complete Match as PC Rob Briar daily objective where it did not register a completion after completing a Weekly match as PC Rob Briar
  • Fixed a sound bug with Stand Your Ground where the stinger sound did not play for losing the Stand Your Ground objective.


  • Fixed a lighting bug in Prison where a light would flicker on and off depending on the player’s distance from the light source
  • Fixed a collision bug in Prison where certain welded doors would break and remain standing in the doorframe, obscuring the vision of players
  • Fixed a collision bug where a blocking volume in Tragic Kingdom kept players from breaking a collectible inside of a truck
  • Fixed a SFX bug where the alt-fire of the Freezethrower caused a constant blast and sound effect on the dead elf props located in Krampus Lair
  • Fixed a spawning bug in Holdout-style maps where the portal entry child spawners were not working
  • Fixed a collision bug in Krampus Lair where some of the welded, wooden doors in the underground prison would break and remain standing in the doorframe
  • Fixed a collision bug in ZED Landing where some rocks had FLEX meshes that were not being utilized
  • Fixed a SFX bug with lava meshes in The Descent where blood and explosion decals could appear on their surface
  • Fixed a model bug in Nightmare where eyeballs were missing on dedicated servers from the massive flesh mountain creature in the boss arena


  • Fixed a UI bug with the Trader Pod menu where the weapons were not being properly sorted from least to most expensive
  • Fixed a UI bug with the Welder | Vault | Vosh | Precious, Kukri | Vault | Vosh | Precious, and Demo Knife | Vault | Vosh | Precious where they did not have the option to recycle
  • Fixed a text bug with all dual pistols except the dual 9MM pistols where the description text stated “Each can be individually sold” but they actually could not be individually sold
  • Fixed a text bug with the Survivalist perk skill ZED-TIME – Lockdown where there were quotation marks at the end of its description
  • Fixed a text bug with the Masterson | Vault | Camo Blotches | Purple where the text, “Compatible with Lt. Bill Masterson”, was missing Classic Masterson
  • Fixed a text bug with the Trader menu description of the Heckler & Koch UMP where it stated that it has a semi-auto fire mode. Rather, it has a burst fire mode
  • Fixed a UI bug with the Varmint Rifle where using extra ammo Command perk skills caused an inaccurate display of the total ammo when first entering the Trader Pod menu
  • Fixed a UI bug with the Matchmaking Squad messaging where “The party host has left.” message appeared at incorrect times
  • Fixed a localization bug with Horzine Supply Emote Series #1 and #2 crates where the description for them was not localized


  • Fixed a cosmetic bug with Oisten Jagerhorn where he could not wear eye patch cosmetics
  • Fixed a cosmetic bug with the Wasteland suit where backpack cosmetics could not be equipped while having the Wasteland outfit equipped
  • Fixed a cosmetic bug with the Porcelain Mask | Vault | Broken where it was not able to be equipped on any character
  • Fixed a cosmetic bug with the Alan | Vault | Camo Blotches | Arctic where it could not be equipped onto Classic Masterson
  • Fixed a model bug with the C4 where the precious skin texture did not display on thrown C4.


Killing Floor 2 update 1.16 is available now.



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