(FillGap News – 5/08/2017 – FillGapper Koen) We all know the paintings from Dali or Magritte.You’ll see there’s quite resemblance with surrealisme and her makeup work.

René Margritte

What if you can create such paintings with Makeup? Not possible you think? Because usually it’s used for slightly adjusting the everyday look but sometimes you have someone that step’s out of the box. Mimi Choi from Vancouver

Who’s Mimi Choi?

She was before a school teacher. Now,  Choi has been doing makeup for three years now and uses paint brushes to achieve detail. She attended classes at Blanche Macdonald, a local beauty school to learn her craft, but really pushes things to the limits by creating makeup that’s so extreme it looks Photoshoped at first glance. Some of the looks she creates, such as one she calls “shoelace quadruple eye” (above), take up to five hours to complete.

Featuring a variety of the makeup artist’s trippiest and most impressive work, her photos will absolutely blow your mind and totally change your perspective on what makeup can do to a face (or a hand). Perhaps most notably, Mimi’s work takes optical illusions to the next level — and what she’s able to achieve with products most people already have in their makeup bags is pure magic.

Enough Said, let’s look at her amazing work




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