A multi-millionaire harassed his lesbian neighbors by playing “When a Man Loves a Woman” after their rooster crowed, a court in the U.K. heard Wednesday.

Neil Dymott, 55, allegedly taunted his neighbors, Helen Richardson and Paula Holland, not long after the couple’s hens near their backyard garden hatched a rooster, according to the Sun. The retired businessman allegedly shouted at the couple and claimed the crowing negatively impacted the value of his million-dollar home in the village of Marchwood.

The court also heard that Dymott allegedly pushed Richardson against a fence, leaving her with a cut on her arm, and called Richardson a “sick witch” and a “psycho,” the Sun reported.

The couple moved into their cottage 13 years ago and Dymott has been threatening to take them to court for a while. Richardson said the rooster crowed four or five times during the day, with about 10 to 20 crows at a time, lasting no more than two minutes.

She also told the court: “On one occasion he shouted across the road that I was a ‘f*****g lezza’ and proceeded to play ‘When a Man Loves a Woman’ on repeat for an hour. I could hear it clearly – the music, the words – from inside the house.”

Dymott allegedly took photos of the hens while he was in the couple’s backyard near their shed, but he denies any allegations of harassment.

For her part, Richardson called him a “madman” and at one point said to him:

“You have had 18 months to take me to court, there is no evidence to take me to court, you have no balls.’”

The trial is ongoing.



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