Congratulations are in order for Camille Schrier! We have a Miss America 2020 winner! After an intense competition, Nia Franklin crown her Miss America successor — MISS Virginia — on Dec. 19. Learn more about her with these 5 fast facts.

Nia Franklin has officially handed over the Miss America 2020 crown to Camille Schrier Miss Virginia. So it’s official: MISS Virginia is your new Miss America 2020! Camille Schrier impress judges Karamo Brown, Kelly Rowland and Lauren Ash. And given the honour of wearing that iconic crown and sash. She could barely hold back her tears as her names were announced and the audience went wild. Pageant queens dream of this special moment. And Camille definitely soaks it all in as the frenzy erupted around her.

Miss-America-2020-Winner-Camille-Schrier-Miss-Virginia-wins-crown Camille-Schrier-Miss-Virginia-wins-crownCamille-Schrier-Miss-Virginia-wins-crown

In order to get to this point, Camille had to stand out more than her fifty competitors. During the competition, the ladies took part in interviews, show off their talents. And gave their ‘social impact pitches’. So as of 2018, The Miss America Organization has made a conscious effort to choose a winner based on. So much more than just looks and Camille definitely hit all the right marks when showing off how well-round she is. Plus, of course, she’s also gorgeous!



Second runner-up ‘Simone Ester’

The second runner-up in this year’s competition Simone Ester, from But while the woman who finish in second place  Victoria Hall, from Georgia. But both ladies were extremely supportive of Camille as her name announced. And Victoria the first to congratulate her. So as they wait to hear whose name would be called.


Now, Camille will spend the next year as the face of Miss America 2020. Her job will be to bring the values of this organization to the public. But while also pitching her social impact initiative throughout the country. Of course, this is a once in a lifetime experience. And we could not be happier for her!


After acing all of the above, Camille will now embark on her 365-day reign as Miss America 2020. She will receive a $50,000 scholarship. So along with the opportunity to travel all over the world to advocate for the social impact initiative of her choice. Camille is the official successor of Miss America 2019, Nia Franklin of New York.

Check out these five fast facts about her!

1. Camille is a pharmacy student at Virginia Tech. — She has plans to be an empowering doctor. So as a lover of science, she describes what she does as “creating. And developing medicines that can one day kill cancer”. Camille speaks in schools to educate kids on the importance of science. And to inform youngsters that science is fun. She’s shared that she didn’t always fit in because of her “quirky love for science, bugs and dirt”. As a fan of the 2.0 initiative. But it’s been her goal to break the stigmas around the typical Miss America. Her mom even wore a white lab coat in the audience.


2. Her competition talent was a chemistry demonstration.

Camille expresses her love her science even further by putting on experience to show the catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, which the judges love. Her mission is to break down the stereotypes of science. So being something people do not need in their daily lives.


3. As Miss America 2020, her social impact initiative is “Mind Your Meds. Drug Safety and Abuse Prevention from Pediatrics to Geriatrics”. — Camille hopes to educate from paediatrics to geriatrics about the importance of drug and safety prevention. During the competition, she uses real-life experiences of friends who became an addict to pills, a mom who once gave her child the wrong medication. And a little child who accidentally took his grandfather’s blood pressure medication. Because he thought it was a Tic Tac.


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4. Camille is part of Greek life. — She is a proud member of the Kappa Delta sisterhood.

5. She is a former Miss Pennsylvania. — Camille’s share photos of her PA title on Instagram, and it appears. So as though she’s been doing competitions since 2010.



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