Happy National Siblings Day 2023!
Each year on April 10 we show some extra love and care to our brother or sister. Why? Even though the siblings have a bitter-sweet relationship, they are the ones we have most of the childhood memories with. Let us know how this day started?

This day started after a tragic incident. According to NationalDayCalendar.com,The foundation of National Siblings Day was done by a woman named Claudia Evart. In 1995 she lost her two siblings in separate accidents to whom she couldn’t even bid bye.To emphasise the importance of siblings in our lives she chose April 10 in honour of her late sister’s birthday. We don’t really get to be with our siblings everyday especially after growing up due to work and busy schedules.

You can love, hate, fight with your siblings but at the end of the day they’re family and we can not live without them. And each year, Siblings Day seeks to rebuild and appreciate the special bond which is between brothers and sisters.

It is quite visible as per recent statistics that there are plenty of people around the world who would take part in this celebration. In America alone, It is noticed that when Siblings Day started, around 80 percent of children had at least one sibling. Whereas in the UK there are more four-child families than in most other European countries.

When is National Siblings Day 2023?

Siblings Day is celebrated around the world every year on April 10 which means this year  National Siblings Day 2023  falls on Monday. Let’s  honour the relationships between brothers and sisters on this Siblings Day.

After its beginning in America, soon it became a popular international event, spreading across the world. However, it is still not celebrated as importantly as Mother’s Day, Women’s Day or Father’s Day.

What is Siblings Day?

Siblings Day is an important event in the lives of brothers and sisters to honour the life long bond they have.

On this day we thank our siblings for being a part of our lives by sharing gifts, by hugging them, or simply spending the day together.

Although it is not a national holiday, we can still take some time out of our busy lives to celebrate the day with our siblings.

National, Siblings Day, 2018, Celebrated, April 10, Know, more, about, Siblings Day

As mentioned earlier the event is inspired by a woman from New York – Claudia Evart.

In the remembrance of her late sister Lisette who died at a young age. She founded the day on her sister’s birthday i,e. April 10.

According to Claudia, it is important to express our love to our siblings so that they know how much we value their presence in our lives. Therefore, it all makes sense to celebrate a day with our siblings.

How do people celebrate Siblings Day?

National, Siblings Day, 2021, Celebrated, April 10, Know, more, about, Siblings Day

There are several ways through which people can celebrate Siblings Day.

Some of the most common ways to celebrate the event are by going on picnics and preparing their favorite meals. While others celebrate this day by doing each other’s fun activities, going to movies, etc.

Siblings can make plans for this day. They can plan a surprise party. If your sibling stays far away from you, you can plan to visit them or call them here to celebrate the day together.

National, Siblings Day, 2021, Celebrated, April 10, Know, more, about, Siblings Day

How to Celebrate 2023 National Siblings Day?

1. Send A Card

You can send a handmade or a digital card to your siblings. This will bring a smile to their faces and will remind them that you are thinking about them.


2. Call them up.

If your siblings stay far away from you, then schedule a phone call or video call. Wish them Siblings Day. There are high chances you will spend lots of time remembering your childhood memories.

3. Plan to hang out together.

The best way to show love to your siblings is by offering them their favorite food. Everyone loves food. If possible, plan a lunch or dinner together for the day.

4. A movie Plan

When in doubt about what to plan for a special event. A movie day is always the best and safe option. For Siblings Day, you can watch your favorite childhood series or can see the movie you have been delaying for so long.

5. Recreating old pictures


Remember the ThenVsNow trend which was on social media for quite a long time. Why not create one with your siblings? It will endless laughter and will also remind how much you have grown up.

6. Post on social media.

We often use social media to post on birthdays and anniversaries. This day is a good opportunity to post pictures of your siblings which you don’t do often. You can post embarrassing pictures of your brother or sister from their childhood or now. So what are you waiting for? This is the right time to post the pictures you have been stocking for so long.

7. Bake a Siblings Day cake.

If you’re a good cook and even if you are not you can show love to your siblings by baking a cake. It’s a good way to start or end the day with sweetness.

8. Go on a mini road trip.

Take a break from your busy lives by planning your most awaited road trip. You can relive the moment by singing old songs and fun games.

9. Play old video games from when you were young.


If you have a brother then you must have played Playstation, Beyblade, or Pokemon Cards in your childhood. You can bring back the memories by battling once again, it will surely be fun.

10. Spend the day doing something your sibling enjoys.

You might have hated something which your siblings liked. On this Siblings Day, try his/her favorite activity. It will make them delighted that you tried what they’re passionate about.


11. Tell them you love them.

Siblings are an important part of our lives. People who don’t have siblings are often sad or lonely. If you’re lucky enough to have a sibling tell them how much you adore them. How blessed you are to have them.

Let us now through the comments section how are you celebrating National Siblings Day 2023.

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