British manufacturer Integral Memory is set to release the first microSD memory card with a 512GB storage capacity — a new record!

Europe-wide memory specialist Integral Memory plc has beaten all competitors and answered a growing need for increased capacity on mobile devices. Their new 512GB microSDXC™ V10, UHS-I U1 card provides all compatible Android™ smartphones and tablets with a massive memory boost, enabling users to create, store and share more photos and videos and enjoy app and music downloads – without the worry of running out of storage space.

The card meets the Video Speed Class 10 (V10) standard, ensuring fast data transfer and making the capture of Full HD video on devices including digital cameras, action cams, drones and camcorders quicker and more reliable. Essentially, users can capture more stills and footage thanks to the huge 512GB capacity.

“Consumers have been clear in their call for increased storage, as mobile devices have become essential to many in everyday life,” commented James Danton, marketing manager, Integral Memory. “The need to provide extended memory for smartphones, tablets and a growing range of other mobile devices such as action cams and drones has been answered. As a company, we are very proud to be the first to achieve the 512GB capacity milestone in microSDXC, worldwide”.

Developments in cloud-based storage solutions have raised questions about the future role of memory cards, yet consumer lifestyles have embraced the microSD memory card format more than ever. The popularity of photo and video based apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Netflix and other downloadable video services are driving the demand for higher storage capacity on mobiles. The ability for users to self-upgrade in seconds through their microSD slot, rather than bearing the expense of a new phone or tablet is desirable.

Additionally, whilst mobile devices lead the demand for increased storage, according to Integral, the expansion in new product categories including action-cams, drones, home security cameras and dash cams has triggered a surge in demand.

As a successful British flash storage specialist with more than 28 years of experience, Integral Memory has built a reputation for quality and customer focus with keen prices. The new 512GB microSDXC card has been performance tested with a range of smartphones and delivers up to 80MB/s transfer speed. The card has a V10, UHS-I Class 1 specification and is covered by Integral’s trusted 5-year warranty.

At IFA 2017,Western Digital presented a SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card with a previously record-breaking 400GB capacity, but with faster data transfer of up to 100MB/s. It is currently available for US$250.


February 2018

About Integral Memory

Integral was founded in London in 1989 and quickly became one of Europe’s leading memory specialists, with long-term partnerships with leading component suppliers including Toshiba, Samsung and Hynix. Sales offices have been established in France, Spain and The Netherlands.

Integral’s mission is to deliver the latest memory products built on quality, reliability and great prices.




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