The censorship has become a bone of contention since the last couple of years. People, especially from the industry were debating over the issue time and again. Ever since Pahlaj Nihalani took charge as the CBFC chief and introduced his own set of rules, there has been a huge uproar over his decisions, not just once, but multiple times. He recently has been in news for asking people to pass the censorship of Jab Harry Met Sejal with one lakh votes over the use of the word ‘intercourse’ in the film.

When asked about the same, Akshaye Khanna said that he is unaware of the whole controversy and “Censorship is an outdated concept. I agree 1,000 percent. It is completely unacceptable to a majority of the society today. Especially, the younger generation who are watching everything online — whether it’s the internet, social media — they can access the information from anywhere and nobody can stop them from doing it. So, they aren’t used to this kind of censorship.”

He also said, “You can’t necessarily say that certain content can’t be part of an audio-visual or a film or TV. It could be any content and if everyone else in the world can watch it, so can we.”

Akshaye calls Censorship as an outdated concept

His brother Rahul Khanna has made the finest debut as a double agent in The Americans, a TV series in the West, grabbed the attention of many for a particular scene on the show where he went fully nude. However, that scene was removed from the show and it never made it to the Indian platforms. When asked Akshaye if he’s comfortable with the idea going fully nude for a scene, he answered in the affirmative though with some conditions. He said, “If it’s a part of a film that requires that kind of a scene to be shot and you are working with a director who you can trust, I don’t think I will have a problem with it. But it has to be absolutely essential to the story.

All of it has to be there for you to make that decision. As an actor, you cannot say, ‘I won’t do this’. You have to be open to ideas of things that you are naturally not comfortable with, but if the role requires you to do something that you may not be physically, mentally or even socially comfortable with, sometimes you can take a risk and just do it.”



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