Pros & Cons of Artificial Intelligence

As technology advances to the point where machines have almost human-like capabilities, humanity is left to ponder the consequences involved with either advancing or holding back the field of computer sentience.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of artificial intelligence:


  • Wouldn’t be as embarrassed of human race’s progress when aliens make contact
  • Can be employed to perform dangerous tasks like informing blue-collar workers they are being replaced by machines
  • Ponderous editorials on the ethical dangers of AI composed in .000003 nanoseconds
  • Freed from the necessities of daily jobs, Americans can finally get working on their novellas
  • Someone, somewhere, will definitely profit from it
  • Emotionless workforce would save companies thousands on costly team-building exercises
  • Kind of a given at this point


  • Hyper-efficient machines would allow corporations to devalue human employees for the sake of profits
  • Working as an accountant all that Dave has
  • Upsets humanity’s law of natural selection under which those born into privilege have first crack at running everything
  • Electricity bill too damn high as it is
  • Infinitely powerful cognition stands to make them pretty condescending
  • Risks thousands of stable ethicist jobs
  • Every film, book, and TV show that’s ever been made on the subject



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