BONSALL, England (Reuters) – While pundits often say some of the best runners can fly, one group of competitors gathered in England’s Peak District really did have wings and feathers. The annual World Hen Racing Championships took place this weekend, with 30 to 40 hens taking part for a little local glory.

The winner’s trainer was nine-year-old schoolboy Jack Allsop, from Ible in Derbyshire, who has a collection of racing hens. He has previously won the event in 2013, 2015 and 2016.

Jack’s bird “Cooked It” won in a time of just under 5 seconds, ahead of coop-mate “Pluckedit”.

“There are some people who are really serious. The lad who won last year, he’s won twice in the last three years, and he does actually train,” said championship organizer Colette Dewhurst. The value of such training is uncertain. In some races, the competitors appeared to amble aimlessly around the racetrack, until one crosses the finish line by accident rather than design.



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