The debate on Nepotism has been going on ever since Kangana Ranaut slammed Karan Johar on his show Koffee with Karan for being the movie mafia who runs Bollywood. Though KJo laughed it off in the show, later he hit back on Kangana for the comments. The issue dragged many star kids into the discussion and when asked about nepotism, they spoke against it and clarified that they were not favored in any way to enter the films.

From Ali Bhatt who debuted into movies with KJOs directorial Student of the Year to Sonakshi Sinha everyone spoke about the matter and expressed their thoughts. Now, the buzz about Nepotism surfaced once again on the social media after the news that Yash Raj Films is introducing Aadar Jain into the movies, who is the grandson of yesteryear actor Raj Kapoor.

Yash Raj Films is all prepped to launch two new actors, Anya Singh and Aadar Jain in Bollywood with Habib Faisal’s next. Yash Raj Films has come up with good promotion campaign to promote the debutantes and they choose different ways to promote them both, which is sure short hard to ignore.

YRF’s Introduces Raj Kapoor’s grandson Aadhar Jain

YRF tweeted ‘Presenting #aAadarJain – @yrf’s NEW BOY’ while introducing Aadar Jain and in another tweet it said ‘Presenting #AnyaSingh – @yrf’s NEW GIRL’.

While both the debutants were introduced in the best way possible, Anya Singh’s humble beginning is highlighted in the tweets whereas for Jain, the tweets were aimed at the linage he comes from.

Director Karan Johar took to twitter to express his happiness in welcoming the third generation of Raj Kapoor. He wrote “A talented chip of the legendary block….welcome to the movies AADAR JAIN….shine on!!!!!

Comedian Aditi Mittal was the first one to question the linage thing. He wrote ‘What if Yash Raj films just goes to houses of famous actors when 1st child is born & makes them sign blood contracts.’

In another tweet he wrote ‘Linking Aadar to family bank account.’ The tweet followed another Q&A tweet that read ‘Q: Where do you see yourself in 20 years? A: as the watermark of the poster that I’m currently the forefront of.’

As soon as the tweets came in, Twitterati smelled nepotism and responded in different ways. Twitterati noticed how Aadhar Jain was being promoted in the name of blood and connections instead of talent.



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