It’s an open secret that Salman Khan’s “Tubelight” flopped badly on the box office, as it couldn’t get good reviews from fans and critics and thus, failed to draw audiences to theatres. Salman Khan has undoubtedly been the guarantee factor to make a superhit film and it’s surprising that for the first time in recent years, any of his movies saw such an outcome.


Ever since the flick has released, people can’t stop criticizing it on social media through tweets, trolls, funny memes and gags. Even more amazingly, the super cute Matin Rey Tangu was not able to attract people to cinema halls and despite an Eid release and long weekend, the movie couldn’t survive. Needless to say, this was not the fate of Salman’s other movies which released in recent years. got in touch with some theatre owners and asked the reason for cutting the number of Tubelight’s shows. Ravi Sibal (PVR Juhu) revealed that they decreased the number of shows at the time of “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo” as well. In his words,

“We have chopped 5 shows of ‘Tubelight’. We had no option; we had to cancel some shows due to a poor number of admits. We never reduced the shows of a Salman film in recent times, except in the case of ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ if I recall correctly.”

According to Sibal, those slots are occupied by other flicks like “Despicable Me”, “Wonder Woman”, etc.

This is not about Mumbai merely and other cities like Chandigarh and Gujarat have also cancelled Tubelight’s shows. Few theatres have lowered the ticket price, as Prakash Sharma, PVR Kandivli’s manager, states,

“We don’t do this for a Salman film, but we have lowered the ticket price of ‘Tubelight’ by 20% today.”

However, these things hardly seem to have any adverse effect on Salman Khan and probably he’s quite certain of the success of “Tiger Zinda Hai”, his upcoming movie starring former girlfriend Katrina Kaif.

As per Komal Nahta, Tubelight’s distributors have pleaded to Salman for a refund:

However, Salman is not at all bound by any contract for the refund. In case, if he does so, it will definitely be a great gesture on his part.

What’s your Opinion about “Tubelight” have you watched yet?



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