Hi, my name is Evgeny Ches, I’m a graffiti and contemporary artist from Moscow, Russia. I call the technique that I use Cellograffiti, it’s basically painting on the plastic wrap instead of walls or other places.

Here are some paintings that I did of the animals in the forest, I hope you’ll like them!

A few years ago Ches discovered a form of graffiti called cellograffiti where artist paint on industrial strength plastic film fixed between two columns or trees. Intrigued by the medium, Ches started using it in his own work.

Ches then got inspired to take the street art aspect of cellograffti and move it to a more natural environment. Here he could place creatures from the wild in the actual wild.

The results have been pretty stunning, like this life-like raptor.

And this fierce looking polar bear.

He also added that this form of graffiti can be practiced anywhere, without have to paint on someone’s fence or wall.

What a way to embrace art in a natural place.



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