Selena Gomez just released her new Spanish single “De Una Vez” that broke records after earning 22 million views in less than 48 hours. And now she’s sharing some of her favourite Latin music with fans. Selena Gomez Release Puro Pop Playlist on Apple with Songs by Shakira, Maluma & More. The singer is taking over Apple Music’s Puro Pop Playlist. And listeners can expect to listen to some classic hits as well as more contemporary music.


After releasing her first Spanish single in a decade. Selena Gomez continues showing her appreciation for Latin pop by taking over Apple Music’s Puro Pop playlist. The global pop star curated a mix of 109 songs by her favourite legendary and rising Latin pop artists, from Shakira and José José to Maluma and Karol G. Her latest Spanish single “De Una Vez” tops the list. She released the empowering rhythmic pop track last week, which opens up about healing from a broken heart.


Gomez has always been proud of her roots and she spoke about the Puro Pop takeover and the “power” Latin music has. In a translated quote by Gomez, the artist said, “‘De Una Vez‘ is such a beautiful song. And I think it offers a powerful message that anyone who has suffered from a broken heart can relate to. We all carry with us the pain and scars of the experiences we go through throughout life, but it really is about how we heal. For my Puro Pop takeover, I chose some classics along with some new songs. I think this new generation of Latino artists brings a lot of passion and demonstrates the staying power of Latin music. The way in which it moves people is undeniable, even if you don’t speak Spanish, you can feel it”.

Listen to Apple‘s Puro Pop Playlist HERE.


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The Puro Pop playlist on Apple is where you can find the pinnacle of the most vibrant Latin hits. But while celebrating the best of Spanish pop. So you can find a range of music like warm ballads to beats. Selena Gomez Release Puro Pop Playlist on Apple with Songs by Shakira, Maluma & More. So that will make any room in your house a dance floor. With new music coming every week you’ll never get tired of this genre of music.

“I think this new generation of Latin artists brings such passion and proves the staying power of Latin music,” Gomez told Apple Music about her playlist takeover. “I chose a few all-time classics and some new ones. So, it’s undeniable how it moves people — even if you don’t speak Spanish you can feel it.”


Although her “Taki Taki” banger with DJ Snake, Cardi B and Ozuna was notably absent, she included other bilingual bops like “Tusa” by Karol G and Nicki Minaj and “MIA” by Bad Bunny featuring Drake.



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