Selena Gomez looks like a style icon Jennifer Aniston!

Selena Gomez is fast becoming a serious fashion icon. From her red carpet looks to her off duty style. The singer has become known for her easygoing take on classic pieces. So Now, her repertoire has extended into honouring ‘90s icons — more specifically, Jennifer Aniston.


So Channelling the Friends star with her latest look. Gomez steps out wearing a classic late nineties looks, pairing a white T-shirt underneath a black jumpsuit. And accessorising with a backwards cap and oval sunglasses. So The cherry on top? Gomez’s hair, which was worn in two braids.

The look quickly compares to Aniston. And who also wore a white T-shirt layer under a black dress, a backward baseball cap, pigtails, and oval sunglasses — albeit in 1996.


While we can’t be certain if Gomez was looking to Aniston for inspiration. And we can be sure the pair are virtually twins, just 20 years later.


So It’s not uncommon for a celebrity to pay homage to their favourite star. With a slew of recent examples proving that yes, what goes around comes around. And Most notably exemplify by Kim Kardashian West who doesn’t turn down the opportunity to channel Naomi Campbell.

From vintage Versace and Azzedine Alaïa to more current silhouettes. Kardashian West is a bona fide fan of copying her early style. Because Kendall Jenner has also famously channel Paris Hilton, wearing a version of Hilton’s sparkly mini dress to her own 21st birthday, to which Hilton respond: “I was really flattered”.

But Intentional or not, we’re loving the ‘90s look, Selena.


Selena Gomez looks like a style icon Jennifer Aniston for some outfit inspiration.

On Sunday (May 26), the songstress went to had a lunch dress up in black. Overalls over a white tee, pigtail braids, a backwards baseball cap and tiny oval sunglasses.


Fans Point Out

So Fans quick point out that the look was the same as the one that Aniston wore on the set of her 1997 film, Picture Perfect. See Above the similarities, the only difference being Aniston’s sweater tie around her waist.

So Besides being a huge fan of the Friends actress, Gomez is also longtime friends with Aniston. And She posts a photo of the duo back in 2014 upon the release of Aniston’s film CAKE. 

“I have not only been following her career as a fan since I was 8. And now get to watch her completely transform in her new movie CAKE. I have gotten to have real conversations with such a real heart, made my entire year,” she wrote. See below.



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